The difference between polywood and plywood

Polywood and plywood are two man-made materials that are widely used in the decoration industry, especially in interior environments.

Today, in the decoration industry, in the field of wood-based designs, new developments are made every day. These developments lead to the creation of new elements and tools that help humans a lot. As we said, new developments have been made every day, which lead to the creation of new elements. After the construction of these elements, other elements are also made in order to improve the previous species and complete its evolution. Polywood and plywood are two man-made products that are widely used in indoor environments today. These two elements may be similar in name, but there are differences between them. Today, in this article, we are going to examine the differences between polywood and plywood. So follow us until the end of the article.

What is polywood?

In fact, polywood is a material made from a combination of wood and recycled plastic. Another name of polywood that you may be more familiar with is plastic wood. This material is used to make many elements in decoration such as floor coverings and wall coverings. Polywood consists of thin boards that are made of a combination of wood and plastic, and these thin boards are glued together with special adhesives. Placing these boards next to each other makes this material stronger and makes it resistant to moisture and fire.

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Advantages of polywood

High strength

Polywood have high strength and durability against impact and are a good choice for environments where impact is possible.

Resistance to moisture and fire

This material shows high resistance against moisture and fire due to having plastic and also sticking a number of thin boards together. In fact, they can be used easily in humid environments.

Scratch resistance

Sometimes you have seen that wood gets scratched due to surface impacts. But polywood is not like this and it is safe from scratches.

Economic price

Polywoods are more affordable than many other decoration components. This is what makes people around who are looking for a decoration at an economical price choose this product.

Disadvantages of plywood

Artificial appearance

Unfortunately, polywood do not have a natural appearance and cannot convey the feeling of using natural wood in interior decoration, and they always have an artificial appearance.

Bending limit

Polywood do not have the ability to bend without breaking. For this reason, if you need to bend such an element in your home decoration, using plywood is not a good option.

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What is plywood?

Plywood can actually be considered an evolved version of plywood. More progress was made in the production of plywood, which resulted in the production of a more resistant product with a more natural appearance. In the construction of plywood, like plywood, several thin boards stuck together with glue were used. But with a few differences. First, the number of boards increased compared to plywood, so that their number can be increased to more than 15 boards. The second difference is the way they are attached. In the production of plywood, we used only glue to stick the boards together. But here and in the production of plywood, in addition to glue, high pressure and heat were also used for greater adhesion and resistance. The result was the production of durable yet flexible boards.

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Advantages of plywood

high resistance

Like plywood, plywood has high strength and durability against blows. But this strength is much higher than that of polywood, which has led to the use of plywood.

Ability to bend

As we mentioned before, polywood shows high resistance to bending and staying bent. But this is not the case with plywood. Along with their high resistance, plywoods are easily bent without breaking. This has caused their use to increase.

Natural appearance

Unlike polywood, which could not show its natural appearance, plywoods have an appearance much closer to wood, which gives more beauty and visual appeal to the environment. So if beauty is a priority for you, don’t forget to use these products from Ohaddeco.

Disadvantages of plywood

Low resistance to moisture

But as Plywood had advantages over Polywood, it also has shortcomings. One of these shortcomings is lower resistance to moisture. Of course, this does not mean that plywood is easily destroyed by moisture penetration. In fact, plywood is less resistant to water than polywood.


Due to the use of more and better quality materials as well as the difficulty of the production process, plywood has a higher price. But considering the many benefits we have mentioned, this high price is worth spending.

Is it better to use polywood or plywood?

As you have seen, polywood and plywood both had their advantages and disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages definitely have a great impact on your opinion. Also, your choice depends on factors like budget and performance you need. In general, if you are looking for an economic option, it is recommended to use polywood. Or, for example, if you need your plywood board to bend sufficiently in an environment, using plywood is a better option. Also, other factors can influence your choice. Like weather conditions or your taste in decoration. As we said, polywoods show more quality and resistance in terms of humidity. At the same time, they cannot show a natural appearance. This may change your mind.

Applications of polywood and plywood

From the beginning of the article until now, we have only examined the applications of polywood and plywood in interior decoration. But these products have many uses in other industries. One of the many uses of these elements is to improve exterior decoration and use in orientation. Flooring with this material is widely used in the floor of the garden, the area next to the pool, the floor of the roof garden, etc. Also, these products are widely used in making furniture, gazebos, pergolas, etc.

In addition to thanking you, dear friends, for accompanying us in this article, as you have seen, we reviewed polywood and plywood. We examined the differences between these two products together. We also know what uses each one has and where they are used. By knowing the above, you will realize the positive features of polywood and plywood. Note that in order to implement these elements in your desired environment, you need the help of a decoration design expert so that he can help you choose the best option by measuring all the available conditions. As a specialized producer of all kinds of plastic wood boards, Ohaddeco Group is ready to cooperate with you in this field. You can also contact our consultants for more information and free advice.

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