What is PVC and its uses?

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC for short is a petrochemical product that has many uses, especially in the construction industry.

In relatively distant years, the implementation of some elements in various industries such as construction, petrochemical, etc. was heavy and difficult for people. For example, the implementation of heavy metal pipes brought a lot of hardship for workers and specialists. But suddenly there was a revolution in the industry and PVC was discovered. You may have heard the name PVC many times. Among the uses of this product, we can mention door and window making, wood industry, making construction pipes and profiles. Also, this product is a very suitable substitute for cement, wood and pottery. Today, in this article, we are going to review PVC, its uses and benefits. So stay with us in the rest of the article.

What is PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC for short is a petrochemical product that has many uses, especially in the construction industry. P.V. was first made in 1926 in Germany by Waldo Simut. This material is made with various resistances and sizes according to the field of use. For example, if you plan to use PVC pipes in the plumbing industry, you need high resistance from this product. Others use PVC products, such as wall coverings, to decorate and decorate homes. Such people do not need resistant PVC and they can achieve what they want with less resistance. It is worth mentioning that today more than 60% of the PVC produced in the world is allocated to the construction industry.

Types of PVC

hard PVC

Hard PVC or UPVC is one of the most widely used types. This handle is resistant and inflexible and no lubricant was used in its construction. Of course, you have definitely heard the name of this model of PVC. The main use of this product is in the manufacture of profile doors and windows. It is also recommended to use this product in making pipes that require high resistance.

soft PVC

Soft PVC or PVC is another widely used product in the construction industry. The main use of this product is to make wall coverings and floor coverings that play a special role in home decoration. In this product, the flexibility and softness compared to UPVC has increased significantly.

Modified PVC

Modified PVC or M-PVC is actually an evolved version of the previous two models. In this model, in addition to strength and resistance, flexibility and softness are also involved. This feature has caused the final product to be lighter and of higher quality. Among the advantages of these products is their anti-scratch properties, which prevents cracks from growing. Also, due to their lighter weight, it is easier for people to use them.

پنل پی وی سی رنگی - اوحددکو - colored PVC panel - ohaddeco

The best features of PVC

High strength

As we mentioned, PVC products can have high resistance and strength against impact, scratches, cracks and temperature. We also said that PVC pipes are widely used in the construction plumbing industry. Their high strength and flexibility has caused the elimination of metal pipes in many buildings.


You have probably heard the name of PVC wall coverings. One of the most important features of these wall coverings is preventing the entry and exit of sound. Also, they have a high power in maintaining and controlling the temperature and heat of the environment. Therefore, if you have a music studio, children’s room or an office in a crowded environment, we suggest you to use these types of wall coverings.

good price

Definitely, one of our most important concerns when considering, choosing and buying a product is its price. Of course, we all want to not pay too much for good quality. If you agree with us, the use of PVC products is highly recommended. You can contact our experts to know the price of these products in the field of decoration.

PVC in decoration

We said that the most use of these products is in the building. We also said that PVC products are used a lot in the decoration industry. The main of these products are cornice, false ceiling, wall covering and flooring. The high flexibility and malleability of these products and the ability to combine them with pigments to get a beautiful shape, further increase the use of these products in decoration. Wall coverings, floors and false ceilings that are made using PVC are resistant products. They prevent moisture from entering the environment. The property of sound insulation is also one of the factors that have made these products popular.

PVC is mostly used in combination with MDF. These products are used in two ways on MDF. In the form of an integrated coating and in the form of thin strips. PVC and MDF are both soundproof. They also have a good visual effect. So, using the combination of these two elements improves the decoration.

PVC credit cards

Among all the industrial properties that we mentioned about the products made with PVC material, it is interesting to know that credit cards are also made from this product. Yes, it is true. Bank cards, national cards, fuel cards, etc. are all made of PVC material. The reason is their resistance to tissue destruction. Also, as a tool that is moved in the hands of people every day, it does not harm people.

While thanking you for accompanying us in this article, we reviewed PVC and its uses. Now, before the end of the article, it is important to mention that plastic plays the main role in making PVC. You know that plastic is an indestructible element in nature and its natural destruction takes thousands of years. So it is better not to leave PVC products in nature and be diligent in preserving nature. If you are interested in using these products, our collection with expertise in decoration design is ready to help you implement PVC products in your desired environment. You can contact the experts of Ohaddeco Group to get more information and get a free consultation.

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