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Trustwood is actually a type of polymer composite that is a combination of wood and plastic particles. Its wood filler phase can include different types of lignocellulosic fibers such as wood powder, bamboo, etc., and its polymer phase is polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, etc.

Trustwood is a type of polymer composite that is made from the combination of wood powder and polymer by an extruder or injection device, but Thermowood is a board or lumber that is obtained from different cuts of tree trunks and is subjected to a special temperature process by special devices and dried. 

In general, the mechanical and physical resistances of trust wood produced with standard processes and materials are higher than thermo wood

In the language of science and research, no, it is not waterproof. Rather, it has very little water absorption, and that is why it is called “waterproof”. The amount of water absorption of trustwood samples with proper formulation in 24 hours of immersion in water is usually 1 to 2%.

Trustwood composites have different densities according to the polymer used in them, and their weight is higher compared to wood or thermowood and reaches more than 2 times.

No product can be found that has absolute resistance to color change in outdoor environments and against sunlight and UV rays. Trustwood composites are no exception to this. These types of composites have good color stability if high-quality materials and correct formulations are used in their production.
But in general, over time, they may lose color by 5 to 15 percent, and this usually happens in the first three to six months after installation. We should also know that this amount of changes was not noticeable at the project site and the changes do not necessarily mean dimming.

no No research has not only proven this issue, but has not even mentioned it! Sometimes producers plan these issues in order to destroy the products of colleagues or competitors. The use of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC polymers can be seen in every corner of your work environment and home. From kitchen utensils to food and hygiene packaging.
Note that in this question, we raised the issue of the type of polymer being carcinogenic, and the composite produced with different polymers may differ from each other in various properties. It should be noted that the largest volume of the type of polymer used in the construction of trustwood composites in the world is related to polyethylene.

The standard and basic implementation method is the most important point in the implementation of projects that use Trustwood material. Perhaps more than 50% of the damages caused in this type of products in the past few years are due to lack of implementation and proper infrastructure. Therefore, it is emphasized to get the installation instructions from the seller when buying, and otherwise leave the implementation of your project to people with executive experience and expertise.

In our opinion, the warranty period of Trustwood products is reasonable and reasonable for two years. Sometimes, by searching among the world’s leading manufacturers, we reach higher numbers, but you should pay attention to these points and research them:
1- The difference in the technology level of world famous products
2- The difference between “warranty” and “warranty”
3- The high price difference between famous international and domestic products.
Regarding those domestic companies that guarantee their products for long periods like 20 years, it is necessary to mention a few points:
1- Do the above companies provide a legally valid warranty card with the sale of their goods that can be followed up or do they only offer this warranty verbally?!
2- Let’s assume that you bought a product from one of these companies in 1401 and they guarantee their product for 20 years.
Now, after 18 years have passed, the used product has suffered many damages, now it is the year 1421! Does the above company exist abroad?! Are you going to claim damages for a product you bought 18 years ago? Is it possible to follow up? Our suggestion to you is this: buy from honest sellers and don’t accept any talk without providing reasons, logic and evidence.

Delivery time depends on warehouse stock, order type, order amount, etc. But usually it doesn’t take long.

no According to the type of production process and pigments used in this product, all parts of the product have a specific color. That is, there is no color difference between the surface and the depth of the work. But like wooden products, it is paintable and if the customer wants to paint the purchased product for any reason, he can do it with the special colors of this product.

It is not true to say that Trustwood products do not require any maintenance. In fact, its maintenance is much less than wooden products such as Thermowood. For example, there is no need for annual painting like Thermowood.

Trustwood, which is produced with standard formulation and good quality, is resistant to termites and insects, or fungi and mold, and there is no reason to worry in this regard.

Trustwood has various construction applications. This type of composite can be used as facade covering, wall covering in roof garden projects, pavilions and pergola, wooden products, urban furniture, pool cover, etc. In relation to the facade and floor, the type of its application depends on its cross-section shape, thickness and level of mechanical resistance. As a rule, light products are suitable for the facade and heavy products with thicker walls are suitable for the floor.

First of all, we must accept that every quality has a price. In general, the price of each square meter of thermo wood is higher compared to trust wood and sometimes reaches more than 50%. One of the main reasons for the high price of thermowood is that all high-quality thermowood is imported from Finland, and as a result, it has a high price, and this price increases greatly with the increase in the exchange rate, sometimes to more than It reaches twice.

In addition to the high quality of Trustwood products, the most important difference is in the production technology as well as the technical knowledge of the formulation of these products, which makes the appearance of the boards very close to natural wood and creates non-homogeneous streaks and color patterns in the texture of the boards.

Undoubtedly, no discount is unreasonable. Depending on the quality and the services provided by each manufacturer, the price of the manufactured product is different. For this reason, some manufacturers prefer to sell their products cheap without foresight, and on the other hand, they use low-quality raw materials in the production of their products, which causes damage to the manufactured goods in a short period of time.

In general, when Trustwood boards are produced, they have a shiny surface, which is called “raw”. Now, depending on the customer’s request, this surface can be “embossed”, which means creating wooden embossed lines and knots, or a sanded matte surface that has a more wooden texture (document), as well as creating a “brush” surface that has straight and irregular lines. with a depth of more than one millimeter on the work surface, provided.


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