Wooden acoustic panel and its types

What is a wooden acoustic panel? Wooden panels that help eliminate extra sounds and improve sound in the environment are called wooden acoustic panels.

What is PVC and its uses?

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC for short is a petrochemical product that has many uses, especially in the construction industry.

Iranian architecture

Iranian architecture is one of the most popular and richest styles of architecture that has been used in many countries for many years.

Minimal design guide

Minimal style is one of the most popular decoration styles in which the maximum use of space is made by using simple elements.

Partition of office halls

A partition is a prefabricated wall made of wood, aluminum, glass, etc., which are used to separate different parts of the environment.

Hydroponic green wall

What is a hydroponic green wall? Hydroponics is a method in which water and minerals have taken the place of soil and can be applied on the wall.

Acoustic wall covering + price

Acoustic wall covering is a kind of wall covering, the most important property of which is to prevent the entry and exit of sound. In this article, we are going to check the price of acoustic wall coverings.