Architectural style and its types

The art of architecture is man-made and the architectural style of a nation shows the greatness of the people.

Architecture is an art that mankind has dealt with since the beginning of creation. It can be said that this wonderful art, as it progresses, shows the progress of its people. From the past until now, the architectural style of a region has represented the people of that region. Maybe nowadays this happens less often, but still every nation has its own architectural style. Different styles of architecture help us to get to know the subculture of each nation. Also, each unique architectural style clearly shows the progress, power and greatness of a nation. You must have seen a part of the architectural structure of a country in movies and series or even in various mass media, but have you ever wanted to recognize the architectural style of a structure with your previous knowledge?

But today, in this article, we intend to introduce you to the most famous and popular architectural styles and get more information. At the end of this article, you have learned what unique features each architectural style has and what areas they are mostly dedicated to. So stay with us in the rest of the article.

Introduction of various architectural styles

Classical architectural style

The mother of world architectural styles. Yes, it is true. We can introduce classical architecture as the mother of architectural styles in the world. Ancient Iran, Rome and Greece have been the standard bearers of classical architecture. This style of architecture brings grandeur along with beauty. The unique order and putting together the pieces of construction together with the unique sense of power and glory that people’s minds induce, makes the psychological beauty aspect of this type of works count. These are the features that have made this style of architecture the most popular after years. Hand carvings, pasting of side decorations, wide and curved columns and walls are the main characteristics of this style of architecture. The best examples to introduce and understand this style of architecture are Persepolis of Iran and Colosseum of Italy.

Modern architectural style

In this type, in general, old and historical elements are removed and we see modernity. This attractive style has a minimalist nature, which we will talk about in the next article. The dominant geometric shapes in this architectural style are cubes and rectangles. Due to the new material used in this style, the designer’s hand is open to implement different styles and ideas. Now, if you want to see a building and determine whether its style is modern or not, it is enough to pay attention to the dominant geometric shapes in it. As we said, cubic and rectangular shapes are mostly used in modern architectural style. Unlike the classic style, in the modern style, less hangings and decorative accessories are used. Many buildings and towers, stadiums or restaurants are built with this style of architecture.

یک ساختمان با سبک معماری مدرن و رنگ بدنه سفید - اوحددکو - A building with modern architectural style and white body color - ohaddeco


Magnificence at the same time simplicity. This is definitely the best definition for minimal style. This style was performed for the first time about a hundred years ago. Its designer also implemented it inspired by traditional Japanese designs. In this type of architecture, luxuries are avoided as much as possible. Also, by using simple materials and shapes and with correct implementation, we create an attractive view. One of the unique points of this architectural style is having many open spaces, repetition of components and objects, to induce a sense of order, as well as the use of limited and simple materials. It is noteworthy that the correct lighting is one of the main factors of the beautiful appearance of these types of spaces.

post modern

In this part of the article, we are going to examine a style of architecture that architectural experts are divided into two categories. A group of specialists consider it a phenomenon in the art of architecture. On the other hand, some people consider this style as just a joke and an insult to the art of architecture. Postmodern is a modern style in which classical architecture is avoided. This sentence is perhaps the best definition for this style. Of course, some people consider this style as an evolved version of modern architecture. Luxurious colors, geometric designs and strange and complex but at the same time magnificent shapes are the most important characteristics of postmodern style.


What can be seen is that in neoclassical architecture, we have tried to reach an evolution of classical architecture. As we read earlier, we saw a lot of luxury and symmetry in the classic style. But the neoclassical style was created to counter the classical type. The main focus of this style is on simplicity. The best example is the White House in the United States of America. If you look carefully at this wonderful building, you will see a building with a classic appearance, which, while maintaining its classic authenticity, has benefited from modern methods such as special and symmetrical materials and beautiful coloring. In fact, this is the characteristic of knowing this type of style. The appearance is classic, but inside, it is contemporary and modern.

کاخ سفید آمریکا با سبک معماری نئوکلاسیک - اوحددکو - The American White House with neoclassical architectural style - ohaddeco

Islamic architectural style

The style of this type of architecture is clear from its name. Since the beginning of Islam, the construction and development of buildings with Islamic architecture has expanded. We see this style of architecture more in West Asia, Africa and a little in the south of the European continent. Among the distinctive features of this type of architecture are arched domes, large courtyards, and painting using cold colors. It is also worth mentioning that in the design and execution of the interior of these buildings, using repetitive patterns in tiling or mirroring, they are given a wonderful visual effect. There is no need to introduce that to see and understand these types of buildings, it is enough to go to the nearest mosque or pilgrimage shrine to your place of residence. This way it will be easier to understand the details.

مسجد گوهرشاد با سبک معماری اسلامی در هوای ابری - اوحددکو - Goharshad mosque with Islamic architectural style in cloudy weather - ohaddeco


Victorian style is one of the strangest but at the same time the most popular styles in architecture. The attention and use of bright and colorful colors is one of its attractive features. Also, sloping roofs with a special design add to the beauty of these buildings. Another thing about this style of architecture is their windows. Generally, these buildings are surrounded by sash-shaped windows, making them different from other styles. The positive thing about Victorian architecture is that there is no luxury in them. In these buildings, creativity and the art of playing with objects have replaced aristocracy. These types of buildings were first built in South Asia, but today we see them mostly in countries such as Australia, England and America.

یک خانه ویکتوریایی با رنگ آمیزی متنوع با رنگ های آبی و قهوه ای و سفید - اوحددکو - A Victorian house with blue, brown and white colors - ohaddeco
یک بنای گوتیک مرتفع - اوحددکو - A tall Gothic building - ohaddeco


You may have seen tall buildings in some foreign movies or animations with narrow and taller columns. You may also have noticed this when looking at the appearance of famous European churches such as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. This style of architecture is exactly the same as the Gothic style. An old style that has many fans in North and West Europe. Mostly, such buildings are built with a very high height but lighter weight. Their special appearance makes them look better than their surroundings. Also, their main columns mostly have pointed arches and the entrance that is considered for these buildings is luxurious and aristocratic. The thin sub-columns that are placed in the lower part are also features of this building style.

high tech

One of the most important characteristics of this style is the use of metal and glass in the building. This new style has its own fans and we can see it mostly in commercial-industrial environments. The purpose of this style is transparency and brightness. For this reason, lighting has a very special place in high-tech architecture. It is worth noting that mostly the parts used to implement this style of architecture are prefabricated. It is worth mentioning that in high-tech styles, industrial components such as pipes are exposed on the outside.

یک کارخانه با معماری های‌تک و رنگ هایی متنوع ابی و فقرمز و سبز و زرد - اوحددکو - A factory with hi-tech architecture and blue, red, green and yellow colors - ohaddeco

While thanking you for being with us in this article, we examined nine important and main styles of architecture together. We got acquainted with their characteristics and good examples, and we learned where each architectural style is mostly used, and we got to know their engineering. You may now know that according to your personal taste, which architectural style is better to use, but don’t forget that the architectural style, in addition to taste, should be chosen according to the standard of the space we have. Ohaddeco Group has the ability to give the best advice and guidance to its companions by using expert forces.

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