Acoustic wall covering

Acoustic wall covering is plate that do not transmit sound from inside to outside and prevent sound reflection in the environment.

One of the things that has spread in the interior decoration industry today is the use of acoustic wall covering. Now this question may arise for you, what is this device? Acoustic wall coverings are plates that limit the transmission of sound from inside to outside and prevent sound reflection in the environment. It is common to use these products extensively on the walls of various environments. It is worth mentioning that the use of these panels does not prevent sound reflection, but only prevents the transmission of sound and noise to the outside environment. Note that these panels are also called acoustic wall covering.

What is acoustics?

This Greek word literally means to be heard. Building acoustics is one of the most important topics that has not been paid attention to in recent years. The reason for this is the decrease in the thickness of the walls, ceilings and floors of the buildings. For this reason, during the past years, decoration designers have put the use of acoustic panels on the agenda. In addition to their properties, these panels also add visual beauty to the space. Since acoustic wall coverings are produced and supplied in different designs and colors, the owners of houses, offices, restaurants, etc. will not have a problem with this.

As you know, like any other device that is used in the design and implementation of decoration, there are different types of acoustic wooden wall covering. In the rest of the article, we will examine some different types of acoustic wooden wall covering.

Acoustic wooden wall covering

The wood of trees such as oak and cedar is the main material for the production of this type of wall covering. These types of wall coverings do not have the ability to absorb sound, and the materials used behind them and on the wall are able to absorb sound. In addition, these panels may lose their original quality over time and by absorbing moisture.

Acoustic leather upholstery

Undoubtedly, using leather wall coverings is one of the best choices in interior decoration. This type of wall covering, in addition to the modern beauty it gives to the environment, has high durability and strength.

Acoustic PVC wall covering

This type of wall covering is made of PVC. Despite their beautiful appearance, due to their hollowness, they do not have high resistance and strength, and they are not a suitable option for environments that may be more exposed to impact.

Acoustic MDF wall covering

It is made of MDF wood. It has higher resistance than wooden wall covering. Because of their beautiful appearance, they get more attention. But due to the difficulty of their installation and the need for an expert, they have a higher cost.

How to implement acoustic wooden wall covering

Like many other works in the decoration industry, the implementation of wall covering also requires an expert who, in addition to the necessary tools, has enough experience to do this work. But you may want to learn this theoretically. So don’t miss the next article.

Before starting work, you should choose the type of wall covering that is suitable with other decoration members. Then you have to completely fix the bulges or depressions of the wall. Then measure the necessary length and width accurately and cut the acoustic wall covering. Create the necessary frame on the wall and glue it. Then gently stick the wallpaper on the surface of the wall.

Using acoustic wall covering, like many things that we use in our daily life, has advantages and disadvantages. We will examine some of them below.

یک سالن با کفپوش قهوه ای و دیوارهای قهوه ای سوخته با پله های همرنگ - اوحددکو - Hall with brown flooring and walls and stairs of the same color - ohaddeco
سالن با دیوارپوش آکوستیک و کفپوش سرامیکی سفید و دو گلدان کنار دیوار - اوحددکو - Hall with acoustic wall covering and white ceramic floor and two vases next to the wall - ohaddeco

Advantages of acoustic wall covering


The first and most important reason that draws us to the use of acoustic wall covering is this feature. Installing these wall coverings, in addition to preventing sound transmission, also prevents sound reflection in the environment.

Easy installation and repair

As we mentioned before, if you are a decoration expert, installing this product will not be difficult for you. Also, in case of damage to these acoustic wall coverings, they can be easily repaired and replaced. Doing this does not involve much dirt.

Contributing to the beauty of interior decoration

We have already noticed that there are various colors and designs of these wall coverings. This issue makes the use of acoustic wall covering a great help in improving the interior decoration.

High resistance

If you are careful enough in choosing the wall covering and you can get a high quality one, you will guarantee durability for yourself. The good material of these wall coverings is resistant to moisture and does not lose its quality and health so easily.

اتاق نشیمن با بدنه قهوه ای روشن و مبلمان سفید و میز مشکی - اوحددکو

Disadvantages of acoustic wall covering

Interior decoration change

We read a while ago that the use of acoustic wall covering can beautify the decoration. But if we are not careful in our choice, we have ruined the interior decoration of the environment with our own hands. For this reason, choosing a wall covering with an inappropriate design and color can be expensive for us.


Due to the materials used in the manufacture of this product, many safety considerations must be taken into account. Wood, foam and unolite are all flammable, which is a flip to double the safety of the environment.

اتاق نشیمن با بدنه قهوه ای و مبلمان مشکی و زرد - اوحددکو

By examining all of the above, including features, uses, advantages and disadvantages, we can come up with many convincing reasons for using acoustic wall covering. Reasonable price, high performance, good material and easy installation are good reasons to convince you to benefit from these wall coverings in your desired environment. As you know, in our home or work environment, in addition to needing to relax ourselves, we must understand the conditions of the people around us in order to have comfort. These covers are very useful and practical for inducing a sense of peace to yourself and others. Never forget that you need to get guidance from an experienced specialist to choose and implement acoustic wall coverings. Our consultants and specialists at Ohaddeco are always trying to help you choose the best.

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