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The use of modern wallcoverings has increased significantly today due to the features required by people such as sound control, temperature control, etc.

Nowadays, with the spread of modernity in the life of the general society, it is very important to pay attention to modern elements and tools in every corner of life. In the world around us, there are many factors that can have many positive and negative effects on morals and appearances. One of these things is decoration. Paying attention to creating a decoration with a modern style in highly used interior environments can have a great impact on people’s progress towards modernity. Don’t forget that a modern wall covering should have the ability to increase the comfort and quality of the ambient temperature and also bring beauty. Today, in this article, we are going to introduce the types of modern wall coverings in decoration. So don’t miss this article and follow us until the end.

Modern wall covering

It is natural that there is no complete explanation for the word modern wallpaper. In fact, modern wall covering refers to a group of wall coverings that are used more today. These wall coverings are designed and made according to people’s lifestyles so that they can be functional in addition to beauty. In general, modern wall coverings should be able to control incoming and external sounds and also act as a heat insulator. In addition, the modern wall covering should be able to cover the defects of the wall and have a great effect on making the environment look beautiful. Bedroom, living room, reception hall, office hall, kitchen, bathroom, etc., are among the most important environments whose decoration design is of particular importance. In the following, we will examine the types of modern wall coverings in decoration. Stay with us.

Types of modern wall covering

We said earlier that using a series of modern wall coverings can have a great effect on controlling the temperature and sound of the environment and can also act as a cover for wall defects. In the following, we will examine some of them. Stay with us.

Wooden acoustic wall covering

Undoubtedly, wooden acoustic wall covering can be considered the best wall covering. This wonderful element, having many positive features, can be placed as a good companion on the walls of your environment. Wooden acoustic wall covering is made of three layers of felt, MDF and high-quality wood, and by placing it on the interior walls, it can play an effective role in controlling the sound and temperature of the environment. In addition to the things mentioned, these elements have a high resistance to physical damage such as impact and pressure due to their materials, and they can also resist moisture and insects well and keep your mind comfortable for many years.

One of the main products of Ohaddeco collection is wooden acoustic wall covering, which is made of three layers of imported Turkish felt, high quality MDF and quality natural wood. These panels are available in dimensions of 68cm x 230cm and you can get the desired product in the price range of 980 thousand tomans to 1680000 tomans. You can contact us for more information about this product.

Thermowall wall covering panel

Thermowall panel is a product similar to acoustic wall covering, but with different features. Thermowall panel is made of one layer of felt and one layer of high-quality heat-treated wood, which increases Thermowall’s ability to insulate heat and cold. You may be familiar with Thermowood flooring. Thermowood is a wooden flooring that, like Thermoval, is produced from heat-treated wood, and in the cold seasons of the year, it prevents the entry of cold into the environment, and in the hot seasons of the year, it can prevent energy loss by resisting the entry of heat into the environment. Thermoval has exactly the same features. These panels are installed on the wall and act as a quality thermal insulator.

Ohaddeco Group specializes in the production of thermowall wooden wall covering panels. Our experts will accompany you from 0 to 100 to get good advice on buying this product and after that, with the help of executive specialists of Ohaddeco collection, you will succeed in installing this modern wall covering in your desired environment.

PVC wall covering

But another one of the most used elements that is used as wall covering in indoor and outdoor environments and generally has an economical price is PVC wall covering. This modern wall covering is made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC. The main popularity of these elements is due to the variety of their designs and colors and of course due to the high resistance of this modern wall covering against moisture penetration. The thing you need to know about this product is that these wall coverings have a lower resistance to impact and pressure than the previous ones. Of course, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to produce PVC with different resistances, but in this case, these products will no longer have the same economic price as before. In general, PVC wall covering is made for use in environments that are less likely to be hit and damaged.

Note that due to the special material, the variety of designs and colors and the induction of natural wood to the environment, you can use this product in different places such as the bedroom, living room, office hall, and also in different decoration styles.

Marble sheet wall covering

Marble sheet wall covering is another type of modern wall covering that is used in interiors with a marble-like appearance. It is interesting to know that the word marble sheet is composed of two English words marble and sheet. These products have various anti-moisture and anti-fire properties, and along with their natural beauty, they are used in various environments such as kitchens, bathrooms, and even bedrooms and living rooms. Of course, the problem with this product is that it has little resistance against heavy blows and is more suitable for use in environments where there is little chance of people or objects hitting them. Don’t forget that modern marble sheet wall coverings are easy to wash and easy to install. Also, like PVC wall covering, they have an economical price.


Now it’s time to examine one of the most used decoration elements in Iranian homes, that is, wall paper. This modern paper wall covering is an ideal choice for the interior decoration of your home due to its reasonable price, easy installation, and high variety of designs and colors. It is worth noting that these elements have a better price than wooden wall coverings. Also, their installation is easy and effortless, and these elements can be produced with a variety of high color designs. But unfortunately, wall paper has low resistance to physical damage and there is a possibility of tearing it. In addition, wallpaper is not resistant to moisture, but you should know that some types of wallpaper can be washed.

Today, the production of wallpaper in different designs and colors has increased the demand for their use. But on the other hand, some people make a special case and use wallpaper next to wooden wall covering. In this way, in addition to beauty, they also give quality to their desired environment.

Acoustic foam wall covering (egg comb)

Foam wall covering is one of the most popular designs of foam wall covering, which is produced in different colors such as white, brown, gray and black. This wall covering is an ideal choice for the interior decoration of your home due to its reasonable price, easy installation and variety of designs and colors. This element can be placed in the category of acoustic wall coverings. The price of foam wall covering is much cheaper compared to other wall coverings. So that you can give beauty and variety to your home decoration by spending a little money. Also, easy installation without the need for expertise, sound insulation, washability and diversity in design and color can be considered as the advantages of this element. Unfortunately, these elements have a shorter lifespan than other wall coverings and are less resistant to physical impacts.

As you know, this modern wall covering is mostly used by young people. For this reason, you can use them in teenage bedrooms, recording studios and conference halls, etc.

Points to consider in choosing modern wall covering!

People can understand their needs more than anyone else, but it is not bad to convey some tips to you dear ones, so that you can make a better and safer choice when buying modern and modern wall coverings.

Sound insulation: Today, with the expansion of urban life, the additional sounds around have increased to a great extent. Therefore, you should try to choose a wall covering that can act well as a sound insulator and prevent the entry and exit of additional sounds. Acoustic wall covering and thermowall wooden wall covering panel are the best options for this purpose.

Moisture and temperature insulation: The change of seasons and the variety of weather in our country have caused many houses to face the problem of extreme heat or cold in summer and winter, and for this purpose, they turn to using fireplaces, heaters, heaters, coolers, and fans. and bring other cooling and heating devices. This work can greatly waste energy. Using wall coverings that can be insulated against moisture and temperature can solve a major part of this problem.

Compatibility with decoration: decoration is an important factor in human spirits and the mood of indoor environments, especially homes. For this reason, it is necessary to choose the most correct elements in designs and synchronized colors by weighing the conditions. Generally, using modern wooden wall covering is the best way in this field.

The right price: one of the most important factors that we should pay attention to when choosing or buying any element is the price that we have to pay for it. This price should be affordable considering the beauty and most importantly the efficiency of that product. Using wooden acoustic wall covering and thermowall wooden wall covering can be a smart choice due to the properties of sound insulation, heat and moisture insulation and natural beauty due to the use of wood.

Thank you for joining us in this article. As you have seen, in this article, we thoroughly reviewed modern wall coverings and introduced some of the best modern wall coverings in interior decoration. The use of wall covering can have a great effect on the relaxation and control of the ambient temperature. Also, by choosing the right wall covering design and color, you can give beauty and freshness to your desired environment. We hope that the information provided in this article will be useful for you. Ohaddeco Group specializes in the production of acoustic wooden wall coverings and thermowall wooden wall coverings. These wall coverings are made of imported Turkish felt, high quality MDF and quality natural wood and can add the features we mentioned to your desired environment. Dear friends, you can contact the experts of the collection to get more information and receive free advice.

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