Psychology of colors in interior decoration – part 1: warm and cold colors

Color psychology will help us to use colors in different environments according to our mood, ethics and taste.

Interior decoration is an important part of our life. In our lives, we all try to create a beautiful atmosphere at home and at work for ourselves and the people around us. One of the factors that help us beautify the space is the choice of color. When choosing a color, we should pay attention to the type of space that is going to be decorated and choose colors that are compatible with that space. The choice of color has a great impact on our mood. Now, when will we succeed in choosing the right colors? Color psychology helps us to choose what colors to use according to our mood. In this article, we intend to examine the psychology of color in interior decoration.

Warm and cold colors

As you know, there are six main colors around us including blue, red, green, yellow, purple, and orange. In addition, warm and cold colors are two basic categories of colors used in interior decoration. Warm and cold colors have their own effects on the mood and emotions of people. In the following, we will examine the issue of what each color is more useful for:

Warm colors

These colors include red, orange and yellow, which stimulate energy in people by creating a sense of freshness. In an environment like an amusement park, the main colors are warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, etc. As a result, it is more appropriate to use this group of colors in environments that require creativity and energy. Among these environments, we can mention the study room, living room and children’s room.

Cold colors

Blue, green and purple are classified as cool colors. Creating a sense of calmness, balance and strength in people is one of the feelings that this group of colors convey to people, and this property also causes these colors to be used in environments such as bedrooms, bathrooms or meditation rooms where people It should be used in those who need calmness and concentration.

It should be kept in mind that you can use the combination of warm and cold colors in the same environment with proper design. The combination of these colors is suitable for spaces where people need coordination and concentration. Places such as dining hall, reception room, study room, etc.

One of the concerns of people in choosing color is what color to use in what space? In the following article, we will tell you why and for what environment each of the 6 main colors is suitable:


A cold color that gives a sense of peace and security due to its association with the blue sky and sea. In interior decoration, it is recommended to use this color in the bedroom, bathroom, etc.


This warm color has a very psychological effect and creates excitement with its power. Children’s playroom and reception hall are the best places to use red color. Red color in the bedroom disturbs sleep and is not good.


This warm color is widely used in interior decoration because it can create a sense of freshness in people. Yellow color has the property to make the space look bigger, that’s why it is useful to use this color in closed environments as well as dark spaces.


Green color is used to create a sense of happiness and causes positive energy. In interior decoration, the use of green color is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. Therefore, due to the connection with nature, it has visual appeal in open spaces.


If you want to have a romantic and pleasant atmosphere, using purple color is the best option. This color is a very good option for the decoration of the spaces that are used for use due to the great impact it has on human feelings and emotions.


The attractiveness and attention of this color, in addition to creating vitality, can also cause people to feel calm. For this reason, it can be useful to use orange color in spaces such as living room or office.

In general, each of the colors can be suitable for people with different personalities and morals, however, to choose the right color for each person, attention should be paid to the personality characteristics and purpose of that person. These effects of colors can be useful for us to make a better decision in choosing the right colors for the interior decoration of the house.

With all the explanations that have been given, you should also know that it is not enough to only use six main colors in interior decoration. There are other colors that are not original but have many uses in interior design.

In cold colors, in addition to the main colors, there are colors such as white and gray, which give people a sense of balance and coolness due to their cold nature. As we read earlier, it is highly recommended to use these two colors in environments such as bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, etc.

In the group of warm colors, brown color is very widely used. The use of this color is attractive for formal environments such as offices. Using this color in the house gives beauty to the space because the property of brown color is security and peace and it is useful for focusing on issues.

According to the above explanations, it should be mentioned that color in interior decoration has a great impact on our emotions and mood. By using the right colors, we can create a sense of happiness, peace, energy and happiness in our home. To choose the right color for each part of the house or work environment, its needs and goals should be considered. Therefore, combining colors and using different designs and patterns can help to improve the appearance of the space. Using the right colors in interior decoration can help us create the desired feeling and emotions in the interior spaces of our home.We should use a combination of warm and cold colors in our surroundings according to our taste and those around us, so that the final result matches the taste of people who spend most of their daily life in those environments. Our experts at Ohodko are ready to provide you with expert advice in this field.


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