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Acoustic wall covering is a kind of wall covering, the most important property of which is to prevent the entry and exit of sound. In this article, we are going to check the price of acoustic wall coverings.

Acoustic wall covering is a kind of wall covering, the most important property of which is to prevent the entry and exit of sound. In other words, it can be said that the acoustic wall covering acts as a sound insulator. Earlier, in the article on acoustic wall covering, we examined this type of wall covering. You must know that these wall coverings add a lot of beauty to your environment in addition to sound insulation properties. Among the environments where these wall coverings can be used, we can mention bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, studios, etc. Today, in this article, we are going to check the price and quality of acoustic wall coverings. So don’t miss the continuation of the article and stay with us.

Advantages of acoustic wall covering

Using these wall coverings helps a lot to make the interior decoration more beautiful. Acoustic wall covering is easy to install. Due to its easy installation, it is also easy to repair and replace. If we choose a wall covering wisely, we can get a wall covering with high resistance. Acoustic wall coverings have a feature that has made them very popular. This feature is the property of sound insulation. These wall coverings have a high strength against the exchange of sound through the wall.

Now let’s get acquainted with the types of acoustic wall coverings and then choose which one is more suitable according to the price and quality.

Types of acoustic wall coverings

wooden wall covering

The main material for making this type of wall covering is wood. Among the trees that play a role in preparing this wood, we can mention cedar and oak. An important point is that the acoustic wooden wall covering does not have the ability to absorb sound and can only be insulated with the help of other materials used behind it and built-in. The price of Ohaddeco wooden acoustic wall covering ranges from 980,000 Tomans to 1,680,000 Tomans. You can give beauty and peace to the environment at the same time by using this product indoors.

یک اتاق دو تکه با دیوارپوش آکوستیک چوبی قهوه ای و میز و صندلی سفید - اوححدکو - A room with brown wooden acoustic wall covering and white furniture - ohaddeco
سالن اداری با دیوار پوش آکوستیک mdf و درب های قهوه ای - اوحددکو - Office hall with mdf acoustic wall covering and brown doors - ohaddeco

MDF wall covering

You are all familiar with MDF cabinets and know that they are very popular. This also applies to acoustic wall covering. This model of wall covering has high resistance to impact, water and humidity. It is also worth noting that they are very strong insulators against sound. With their very beautiful designs and colors, they give a beautiful visual effect to your environment. With all these advantages, you must know that MDF has a high price. But what is important is their quality. You may pay more but you get the quality guarantee.

PVC wall covering

But another one of the most popular and widely used wallcoverings is acoustic PVC wallcovering. The reasonable price, along with the high quality and beauty they give to the desired place, has made this model of wallcovering very widely used. PVC wall coverings are very strong sound insulators and can be used in all environments. But in addition to all these advantages, they also have a big disadvantage. The low strength of this type of wall covering reduces one star out of five stars. Of course, this is not a good reason not to use this type of wall covering. If you plan to install wall covering in a calm and quiet environment, this model of wall covering is a very suitable option.

ورقه های pvc با رنگ های کرمی و قهوه ای و قهوه ای سوخته - اوحددکو - Cream, brown and burnt brown pvc sheets - ohaddeco
دیوارپوش چرمی با رنگ قهوه ای و میز و مجسمه قهوه ای رنگ - اوحددکو - Brown leather wall covering and brown table - ohaddeco

Leather wall covering

Now it’s time to review one of the most stylish and special types of wall coverings. If you are looking for lifelong quality and unique beauty and the cost is not important to you, the best choice is this acoustic leather wall covering. In the construction and implementation of this model of wall covering, first a layer of leather sheet is attached on an MDF board and then on It runs on the wall. In the decoration industry, acoustic leather wallcovering is introduced as the flagship of wallcoverings. The existence of two layers of insulation on each other doubles the removal of additional sounds, which is the reason for the popularity of this wall covering model.

Now and after the reviews we did, maybe this question will arise in your mind, which type of wall covering is better to use?

What is the price of each type of wall covering?

Certainly, many of us pay attention to the price of a product before the quality. If we want to choose one of these models of wall coverings according to the price, without a doubt, PVC wall covering is the best option. But as we said, these wall coverings, contrary to their reasonable price, do not have high quality and strength. After that, the acoustic wooden wallcovering is in the second place, and we also reviewed this model. Finally, there are MDF and leather wall coverings, which have a very high price, so if you don’t care about price and cost, it is smart to use the last two models.

The main activity of Ohaddeco Group is in the field of production and supply of wooden acoustic wall covering. These elements are produced in dimensions of 68 cm x 278 cm. Also, the price of these elements varies from 980,000 tomans to 1,680,000 tomans. You can get more detailed information by contacting Ohaddeco experts.

Which type has better quality?

Sometimes you may need a high-quality wall covering in an environment. Now for two reasons: First, because of the unrest in the environment and the possibility of dealing with them, and second, the need for a stylish environment. In both environments, the best choices are to use acoustic MDF wall covering and also acoustic leather wall covering. These two models are a good option for your walls due to their high material and construction and installation costs. They are mainly used in offices and companies.

دیوار پوش آبی رنگ و دو صندلی سفید رنگ - اوحددکو - Blue wall covering and two white chairs - ohaddeco

Mineral and our work environment are the places where we travel the most. All of us, whether at home or at work, need beauty and charm in addition to peace and quiet. Both of these needs can be fully met. Acoustic wall coverings are exactly the tools that bring beauty, peace and silence to us. While thanking you for reading this article, you can contact the experts of Ohaddeco collection to know the exact price of all types of wall coverings and benefit from free expert advice.

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