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Acoustic panel actually refers to plates whose raw materials have the property of absorbing and preventing sound reflection.

Maybe you have heard the echo of sound in an empty room at least once. You have definitely seen that every time you go to a newly built and empty house and talk there, your voice so-called echoes in the space. For some it is very important that this does not happen. People who have jobs like music studio, it is very important for them that there is no extra sound in the environment. Nowadays, when the walls of the buildings are thinner, the sound passing through the wall is annoying. For example, if you need enough silence and concentration at home or at work, you may feel the lack of something. In recent years, acoustic panel have come to the market to solve these problems. Today, in this article, we are going to review acoustic panels with an economical price and their quality.

What is acoustic panel?

Acoustic panels are actually plates whose raw materials have sound absorbing properties. In closed environments, the use of these panels is not limited, and this issue causes a lot of use of these products. Now these panels have different types such as wooden, leather, foam and fiberglass, which differ according to the type of activity used. Now this question may arise for you, which acoustic panel model is more appropriate to use in each environment. In the rest of the article, we are going to investigate this issue.

پنل آکوستیک سبز رنگ - اوحددکو - green acoustic panel - ohaddeco


One of the concerns of managers and office workers is to have a room that provides enough silence and peace to increase employee concentration. In such environments, considering the high prestige of the work that must exist, using leather or wooden acoustic panels is a suitable option. Note that even leather panels need wood in design and execution. This wood is generally made of MDF, which is expensive. Wooden acoustic panel is better if it is made of MDF or PVC. The first option usually has a higher resistance, but the second option is more economical.


You must have seen many times the image of different music and film studios. We know that in such spaces, a very special condition is needed. The sound in such environments is recorded and played very sensitively. Therefore, the acoustic pen should be used in such a way that it prevents sound reflection, and prevents additional sounds from entering and leaving the environment and causing annoyance to others. Usually, in such situations, it is more common to use foam panels or so-called egg-shaped foams. This model of panels has a high ability to control the sound of the environment. It also prevents sound from the environment so as not to disturb others. In addition to their reasonable price, egg shoulder foams are also highly compatible with the interior decoration of a studio.


As the safest place for humans, the bedroom needs to be an environment rich in peace. We also need to have a strong privacy in our bedroom. There is a good way to access these items. Using acoustic panels on the walls. Now, here the choice is yours, which type of panel to use.

پنل آکوستیک زرد رنگ و مبل زرد - اوحددکو - yellow acoustic panel and yellow sofa - ohaddeco
پنل آکوستیک رنگی و مبل نارنجی - اوحددکو - colored acoustic panel and orange sofa - ohaddeco

Effective factors in choosing an acoustic panel

In life, circumstances always affect our choices. There is also this story in the choice of acoustic panel. Undoubtedly, the first and most important factor in this choice is the price and payment. Of course, we all always try to get the best quality for the best price.

So the price is an influential factor in our choice. The second is the type of activity. You should know which panel model you should use according to your type of activity. For example, in the room of the CEO of a company, using egg comb foams is a wrong choice. In such a place, panels should be used that are related to the prestige of that space.

Another important and effective factor is the purpose for which you want to use insulation. Whether you want to prevent noise from entering the space or prevent the reflection and entry and exit of sound, they are different. Therefore, before choosing the type of acoustic panel, you should determine your purpose.

But another factor that affects the customer’s choice is the compatibility of the shape and material of the panel with other decoration components. Maybe your decoration style is classically designed and implemented. In this case, it is better to add a beautiful effect to the environment by using wooden or leather panels.

دیوارپوش قرمز و مشکی - اوحددکو - red and black wall covering - ohaddeco

Cheap acoustic panel

The price of the acoustic panel depends on various factors such as the type of panel, the area of ​​the project and the difficulty of the work. Whether the acoustic panel is cheap or expensive depends on its model and material. Keep in mind that each model of acoustic panels has different prices, according to their quality. Now, if you are looking for the cheapest model of acoustic panels, foam acoustic panels or egg comb foams are more economical than other types of panels in terms of price. These panels are generally made of polyurethane and sponge. This makes them weigh less. The main use of this acoustic panel model is in game rooms, sound and music recording studios, bedrooms and teenagers’ rooms.

Acoustic panel price

All types of acoustic panels, including wooden, leather and fiberglass, have higher prices according to the material used in their production. Of course, the prices of the same are different from each other, but they still cost more. For example, the leather acoustic panel has a much higher price due to the fact that MDF wood is needed to stick the leather on it. But keep in mind that it gives a special effect and glory to the space. This price change also applies to wooden panels. Of course, the bulk purchase of these panels has a great impact on making the final price that you spend more economical. If you wish, you can contact Ohaddeco experts to know the exact price.

The best model of acoustic wall covering

Acoustic wall coverings can be made using different materials. But what do you think is the best element to use in making these panels? In general, the use of wood in making acoustic panels gives people more assurance of quality and resistance. Ohaddeco wooden acoustic wall covering is one of the products that, in addition to the unique beauty it gives to the environment, can be well insulated from sound and heat. You can count on us to buy this product.

Thank you for your cooperation with us in this article. As you have seen, today and in this article, we examined the acoustic panel and selected its cheap type, and we also examined its specifications and quality together. The common denominator of the mentioned points was the choice of acoustic foam panel or egg comb foam as the most economical type of panel. We hope that we have been able to answer your questions in this article. You can contact the consultants of Ohaddeco Group to get free advice and to know the exact price.

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