Bulk purchase of acoustic panel

The acoustic panel consists of thin plates that, by being placed next to each other, have the ability to remove additional sounds from the environment and prevent sound reflection in the environment.

Have you ever wondered why some environments have good sound quality? The answer to this question lies in sound insulation that is placed inside the door and wall. In our daily life, some places need to provide conditions so that they can convey peace to us. Bedrooms, study rooms and sometimes living rooms and reception halls need to have these insulations. You may even have seen that these insulators are used in some music studios. yes Acoustic wall covering panels make it possible for additional sounds not to enter the environment and prevent sound reflection in the environment. Today, in this article, we are going to review the acoustic panel and their wholesale sales in Ohaddeco collection.

What is acoustic panel?

The acoustic panel consists of thin plates that, by being placed next to each other, have the ability to remove additional sounds from the environment and prevent sound reflection in the environment. What is the result? Having a quiet environment and excellent sound quality. These plates can be made of different materials such as wood, sponge, MDF, PVC and leather. Of course, the use of each of the mentioned items has its place. For example, the sponge acoustic panel is not at all suitable for use in the office of a company. Or, for example, you cannot use the leather acoustic panel in the living room because it is not suitable for use there. Ohaddeco collection produces all kinds of acoustic panels, and you can purchase products from us. In the rest of the article, we intend to introduce you to the types of acoustic panels.

Types of acoustic panel


Wooden acoustic panels are one of the most popular types of sound insulation. It is interesting to know that wood alone cannot have the property of insulation. So the material is used as a built-in behind the wood and it turns this material into a quality sound insulator. It is worth noting that wooden acoustic panels have their pros and cons. Some people believe that this element is corroded over time and may be lost due to moisture. But others see prestige in this panel and believe that by using wood such as cherry, walnut and oak, there is no news of the destruction of these panels. Wooden acoustic wall covering is one of the professional and quality products of Ohaddeco collection. You can get this product in different sizes and colors.

پنل آکوستیک مشکی - اوحددکو - black acoustic panel - ohaddeco
دیوارپوش مشکی و خاکستری - اوحددکو - black and gray wall covering - ohaddeco


Now let’s talk about one of the most popular types of acoustic panels. These panels have the characteristics of a good panel. Good quality in sound insulation, beauty and high resistance. Of course, the important point is that these panels have a high price. But due to the high quality they provide, they are used by many. These panels can be used in different environments such as living room, reception hall, bedroom, study room, office, etc. Also, these elements are highly resistant to shock and moisture.


Leather acoustic panel can be introduced as the most stylish and luxurious type of acoustic panels. This panels show high quality. If you have ever been to the CEO’s rooms of some companies or offices, you have noticed the presence of these panels. Leather panels are available in two types, perforated and threaded. Perforated panels have the ability to remove extra sounds and make the sound quality of the environment look more natural. The type of fabric also helps in improving sound reflection in the environment and makes the sound presented in the environment resonate. Due to the fact that leather panels need MDF panels behind them to be implemented, they put a lot of money on the hands of the project owner, but due to the good quality they provide, they have a good justification for being used.

دیوارپوش و مبلمان کرمی - اوحددکو - cream wall covering and furniture - ohaddeco
پنل آکوستیک پی وی سی - اوحددکو - PVC acoustic panel - ohaddeco


PVC panels are one of the most widely used types of acoustic panels. These panels are very popular for use because they are economical and do not have a high price. Of course, these panels do not have high physical resistance. For this reason, it is better to use them in environments where there is less possibility of severe contact with them. These panels can have many designs and colors, which has increased the demand for using this material.


Sponge acoustic foams are also known by another name. Egg comb foams. You may have seen these panels many times in some music studios or even children’s and teenagers’ rooms. The texture of sponge acoustic panels is very soft and at the same time they have a high power in improving the sound quality of the environment. The price of these panels is set economically. If you have a child or teenager at home or you are a young person who has a studio, using these egg comb foams is a good option.

Advantages of using acoustic panel

Improving the beauty of interior decoration due to having beautiful and diverse designs and colors.

Eliminating the extra sounds entering from the outside and injecting peace and comfort into the environment.

Improving the quality of sound in the environment by preventing inappropriate sound reflection in the environment.

Preventing moisture from entering the house and showing yellowing of the walls.

The ability to match with other decoration components due to the variety of designs and colors.

Bulk purchase of acoustic panel from Ohaddeco

Ohaddeco team, with its specialized activity in the field of design and production of decorative elements, receives orders for all kinds of acoustic panels. Our specialized activity is in the field of design and production of decoration components, especially wall coverings, wooden floors, plywood, acoustic, PVC, etc. We operate as a specialized producer of these materials in Iran and we produce and deliver to you all kinds of wooden flooring and wall coverings made of the desired material. It is more economical to buy this product in bulk. As mentioned in this article, our vision is always to provide a suitable and quality product to the consumer. You can contact the experts of Ohaddeco collection to buy these products that have a beautiful effect on the sound quality of the environment as well as the beauty of the space.

کفپوش و دیوارپوش آکوستیک قهوه ای - اوحددکو - brown wall covering and flooring acoustic panel - ohaddeco


Before explaining the points of placing an order, you must first consider the desired space and budget. The cost of implementing acoustic panels is determined according to the size of the project and the type of panel you want. You should also consider how much sound absorption or rejection you need in the desired space. Even you can consider the amount of sound reflection you want and then buy high-quality panels from Ohaddeco. But don’t worry about the above. The experts of Ohaddeco Group with experience in the field of design and implementation of decoration of various environments are ready to provide you with advice. You can go to the order registration page and after completing the necessary information, wait for a quick call from Ohaddeco specialists. Ohaddeco Group operates as a specialized center for the production and distribution of all kinds of wooden acoustic wall coverings in the country. These panels are produced and distributed in variable sizes, colors, designs and prices. To get more information, you can refer to the wooden acoustic wall covering page of Ohaddeco brand.

While thanking you, dear companions, for accompanying and reading this article, you saw that we reviewed the acoustic panels and how to buy them from Ohaddeco collection. Considering the mentioned advantages, we may have been able to persuade you to buy and use this product. To get more information and get free advice, you can contact the experts and specialists of Ohaddeco Group.

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