Hydroponic green wall

What is a hydroponic green wall? Hydroponics is a method in which water and minerals have taken the place of soil and can be applied on the wall.

We all like flowers and plants. If this flower and plant is in our house, it injects a lot of beauty. Before this, most people’s idea of ​​using plants at home was to use a number of pots and shrubs. But today, with the advancement of science and technology, we use plants on the walls, which are called green walls, plant walls, living walls, or vertical gardens, but are more commonly known as green walls. Today and in this article, we are going to introduce you to the hydroponic green wall, so stay with us in the rest of this article.

What is a hydroponic green wall?

We said earlier that the green wall is a vertical garden. As you know in the garden, a plant needs soil and water to live and grow. You should also know that hydroponics is actually a method of growing plants in a green wall. In this cultivation method, the soil, which lacks nutrients for plants, receives these nutrients through water and then transfers them to the roots of the plants. In other words, water has replaced the soil in the hydroponic green wall. This type of irrigation was already used in agriculture, but over time and with the expansion of the use of these walls, the hydroponic method was also used in the green wall, which caused a revolution in the construction of these walls and called it the green wall. Put hydroponics.

دیوار سبز هیدروپونیک در سالن بزرگ با دیوارهای سفید - اوحددکو - Hydroponic green wall in large hall with white walls - ohaddeco

Like anything else, this type of green wall has advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss below.

دیوار سبز هیدروپونیک در محیط اداری با دیوارهای مشکی و کفپوش کرمی - اوحددکو - Hydroponic green wall in office with black walls and cream flooring - ohadeco

Advantages of a hydroponic green wall

Higher cultivation speed due to the use of hydroponic method.

Sound insulation if used in the outer wall.

Reducing environmental pollution.

Saving Water.

Balancing the ambient temperature and improving and saving energy.

Occupying little space due to placement on the wall.

Increasing the growth rate of plants due to the use of hydroponic method.

Hydroponic cultivation method

Let’s learn more about this method. As you know, plants need water, soil, air and sunlight. In the hydroponic method, one of these things, the soil, is completely removed. Actually, in the term of experts, hydroponics is the art of gardening without soil. Mainly in this method, the roots of the plants are in the soil. So, the root receives the nutrients it needs from the water in the soil. Of course, the needed minerals are not entered into the water without a plan. For this cultivation method, a special instruction and a special food program are defined according to the type of plants that we must follow. Now the question may arise for you, what are these minerals? It may be hard to believe, but fish waste, duck manure and artificial nutrients are injected into the water as minerals.

The difference between a hydroponic green wall and a soil-based green wall

As you know, we use an electric pump in the hydroponic system, but there is no such thing in the soil system. So, unlike the soil method, in the hydroponic method, we have relatively high electricity consumption. The second difference that we should mention is the difference in irrigation between the two systems. In the soil system, irrigation is easy and does not require any special work. On the contrary, in the hydroponic system, if the size of our green wall is small, easy irrigation follows, but it is not the case in a large volume, and it requires the discovery of sufficient knowledge. In the soil system, due to the presence of manure and soil, there is a possibility of disease. On the other hand, in the hydroponic system, due to the removal of soil from the cultivation cycle, we have eliminated diseases.

لوله های سفید و سه نوع گیاه مختلف در روش کشت هیدروپونیک - اوحددکو - White pipes and three plants in hydroponic culture - ohaddeco
یک دیوار سبز بزرگ با چهارنوع برگ مختلف در بدنه یک دیوار با دیوارپوش کرمی - اوحددکو - Big green wall with four types of leaves on the wall with cream wallpaper - ohaddeco

How to make a hydroponic green wall

To implement this product, you must have the necessary tools and equipment. But before that, keep in mind that you will definitely need an expert for this work. So by using an expert, increase the security and quality of the final work. The necessary tools to build a hydroponic green wall are as follows:

Necessary tools

Main panel

Metal or plastic modular

A felt shell

Hydroponic green wall tubes

Water storage tank

water pump


Nutrients for plant nutrition

یک گرین وال هیدروپونیک با برگ های سبز رنگ و صندلی کرمی در مقابلش - اوحددکو - A green wall with hydroponic cultivation method with green leaves and cream chair with - ohaddeco

Construction method

To install this green wall, you must first choose the desired location. Then determine the dimensions and do the insulation so that the water does not come out of the pipes and spread to the walls. There should be some space between the main wall and your growing medium. For insulation, it is enough to install a layer of insulation on the wall. After doing all the previous things correctly, now it’s time to implement the cultivation environment. The best way to install tubes and plant plants is to spirally place the tubes on the growing bed.

Then insert the plants through the embedded holes. Note that the roots of plants should only be slightly in contact with water and minerals. The water and mineral tank should also be placed at the bottom of the system and pumped up through the water pump. Keep in mind that you can grow most plants in this environment, but it is better to choose plants that experience better growth in this environment.

دیوارسبز هیدروپونیک در محیط تاریک با نورپردازی و لوله های سفیدرنگ - اوحددکو - Hydroponic green wall in dark environment with white pipe - ohaddeco

By reviewing the above, you can now choose the hydroponic green wall as a good option to use in the interior decoration of your home or workplace. This system has different prices according to the size and material used in it. Also, keep in mind that doing this work must be done under the supervision of a decoration expert and green space expert. The experts of Ohaddeco Group are ready to respond to you dear ones for design and construction advice and also to announce the estimated price.

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