PVC wall covering – 0 to 100 introduction + installation training

PVC wall covering is a beautiful element in interior decoration that has gained many fans with its special features and affordable price.

The interior of any environment has a great impact on the energy sent by that environment to the people present in it. Now, by using elements that have a high variety in design and color, and besides that, they have good resistance to physical damage, they can be useful in this matter. PVC wall covering is a useful and economical choice for people who are trying to use wall covering to decorate their desired space. Today, in this article, we are going to fully introduce PVC wall covering and its installation training. So don’t miss this article and follow us till the end.

What is PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC for short is a petrochemical product that has many uses, especially in the construction industry. P.V. was first made in 1926 in Germany by Waldo Simut. This material is made with various resistances and sizes according to the field of use. For example, if you plan to use PVC pipes in the plumbing industry, you need high resistance from this product. Others use PVC products, such as wall coverings, to decorate and decorate homes. Such people do not need resistant PVC and they can achieve what they want with less resistance. It is worth mentioning that today more than 60% of the PVC produced in the world is allocated to the construction industry.

Types of PVC

hard PVC

Hard PVC or UPVC is one of the most widely used types. This handle is resistant and inflexible and no lubricant was used in its construction. Of course, you have definitely heard the name of this model of PVC. The main use of this product is in the manufacture of profile doors and windows. It is also recommended to use this product in making pipes that require high resistance.

soft PVC

Soft PVC or PVC is another widely used product in the construction industry. The main use of this product is to make wall coverings and floor coverings that play a special role in home decoration. In this product, the flexibility and softness compared to UPVC has increased significantly.

Modified PVC

Modified PVC or M-PVC is actually an evolved version of the previous two models. In this model, in addition to strength and resistance, flexibility and softness are also involved. This feature has caused the final product to be lighter and of higher quality. Among the advantages of these products is their anti-scratch properties, which prevents cracks from growing. Also, due to their lighter weight, it is easier for people to use them.

PVC wall covering, a beautiful choice

PVC wallpaper is a key and beautiful element that is installed on walls and is usually used in different rooms of homes, offices, commercial spaces, and even some public places such as banks and restaurants. This type of wall covering is made of PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, which is a plastic material with very resistant properties. These features make PVC wall covering very suitable for use in places with different conditions, including humidity, heat, and high-traffic uses. One of the obvious advantages of PVC wall covering is its ease of installation and maintenance. Due to their light weight, installing this type of wall covering requires less time and they can be easily installed on the wall. In addition, PVC has high resistance to water, moisture, stains, and corrosion. These features make PVC wall covering suitable for use in environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Also, PVC wall covering is available in various designs and colors, which makes it possible to add more praise to the interior design and decoration of the desired place. On the other hand, the reasonable price and the ability to recycle this type of wall covering are also among its other advantages, which makes choosing this type of wall covering more attractive for many people. You can take advantage of the help of Ohaddeco group consultants to order all types of PVC wall coverings.

What is PVC thermowall?

Thermowall PVC is a wooden wall covering with PVC coating, which is installed on the surfaces of walls or ceilings as thermal and sound insulation. This product is often used as a smart solution to improve thermal and sound insulation in different places. These elements are made of a main layer of polystyrene foam (EPS) or polyurethane foam (PU), which is widely used in thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition to providing heat and sound insulation, the foam layer is light in weight and easy to install.

The PVC coating on the thermowall is made of quality plastic materials that have high resistance to impact, moisture, stains, and corrosion. This coating is used as a protective layer by others and allows for easy cleaning. As a result, it is common to use PVC thermowall to improve thermal and sound insulation in rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and even commercial spaces such as stores and offices. In addition to all the mentioned features, this product can be produced in various designs and colors.

PVC acoustic wall covering, peace and beauty

Acoustic wall covering is an element designed to absorb and reduce sounds. In other words, it is used as a sound insulation for different spaces. In addition to creating beauty and diversity in the design of different spaces, this type of wall covering has the ability to improve their sound quality. Mostly, these wall coverings are suitable for use in environments where there is no possibility of heavy physical damage to them. PVC acoustic wall covering consists of a special structure that absorbs and reduces sound through the combination of different layers. These layers usually include an acoustic foam base that absorbs sounds and a PVC cover layer that helps with the design and appearance of the wall covering.

By using PVC acoustic wall covering, it is possible to improve the sound quality in indoor spaces and prevent the creation of echoes and reflections of annoying sounds. This improves the performance of various activities such as talking, recording audio, or watching movies in spaces that are troubled by sound reflections. Ohaddeco Group specializes in the production and installation of acoustic wall coverings, especially wooden acoustic wall coverings. You can contact us for more information and to place an order.

PVC wall covering, an economical and economical choice

Nowadays, when buying any sex, people consider the price to be paid for it as important. Due to their special features, PVC wall coverings are known as an economical and affordable choice in the world of interior design. With their light weight and internal structure, installation and maintenance of these types of wall coverings is quick and easy. This can especially save time and money. In addition, the reasonable price of PVC wall coverings compared to other wall covering materials makes it an attractive choice for people looking for an economical solution to decorate their walls.

We said earlier that PVC wall coverings have high resistance to water, moisture, stains, and corrosion. The set of these features leads to an increase in useful life and a reduction in the need for frequent maintenance. Considering these advantages, it is justified to choose PVC wall coverings as an economical and cost-effective solution to decorate and protect walls in various places, including homes, offices, commercial spaces, and even public places.

The best environments for using PVC wall covering

Considering the characteristics of these wall coverings that we have mentioned, now let’s examine the issue in which environments it is better to use these elements. Stay with us.

In homes and apartments, PVC wall covering is considered as a cost-effective alternative to painting walls. From kitchens to bathrooms to bedrooms and living rooms, this type of wall covering is used to prevent moisture damage and can even work well as a sound insulator.

In such environments as stores, restaurants, offices and service centers, PVC wall covering is used as a quick and cost-effective option for decorating and protecting walls. Also, considering that these elements are produced in various designs and colors, various spaces can be created.

You know that in such spaces, there are many trips and there is a possibility of damage to these elements. As a result, PVC wall covering is used as a suitable solution for walls that deteriorate quickly or require frequent cleaning. It is worth mentioning that in such environments, the use of acoustic wall coverings can help maintain the peace and quiet of the environment.

You are aware of the importance of hygiene in these environments. In hospitals and health centers, which require frequent washing and disinfection of walls, PVC wall covering is used as a hygienic and efficient option for use in rooms and public spaces.

Note that these are just a few examples of places where PVC wall covering is used, but in reality this type of wall covering is used in almost any type of space that requires a wall covering with waterproof, impact resistant and moisture resistant properties.

Easy installation of PVC wall covering

We said earlier that these elements allow for easy installation due to their light weight and structure. Before starting the training, note that it is necessary to use the experience and expertise of a decoration implementation specialist.

Measuring and cutting panels

First, measure the wall and make the required cuts from the PVC wall covering. Usually, PVC materials can be cut and you can use simple tools like a hose to do this. But it is better to use laser tools for cutting in order to do this better and cleaner.

Wall preparation

After cutting the panels, prepare the wall surface for installing the elements. If the wall is uneven, use common materials such as mortar coating or special glue to smooth the surface. Note that the unevenness of the wall surface can reduce the life of these elements. So be diligent in creating a smooth surface.

Installation of fittings

Mainly, PVC wall covering includes a series of parts for better connection of panels. If your wall coverings also have these items, first carefully install them on the wall. These connections are usually installed using glue or screws.

Placing wall covering sheets and connecting parts

Now you can mount the cut pieces to the wall. Install the lower part first and then move up. Make sure each piece is flush and firmly attached to the wall. If your wall coverings have a special design or color combination, be careful in their arrangement. Also, if the PVC wall covering includes connecting parts, connect these parts together. These connections are usually in the form of locks or bolts.

Insulation and cleaning

After installation, clean the surface of the wallpaper with a cloth to remove any fingerprints or smudges. Then make sure all the parts are installed correctly and the wall covering is completely and flat on the wall. You can also use additional screws or special glue to ensure the strength of these wall coverings.

By doing these steps, your PVC wall covering will be ready for use. Remember to never use tools such as hammers to install PVC wall covering to avoid damaging the PVC surface. It is worth mentioning that using the knowledge and expertise of a decoration implementation specialist can help to do this work as well as possible.

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The best features of PVC

High strength

As we mentioned, PVC products can have high resistance and strength against impact, scratches, cracks and temperature. We also said that PVC pipes are widely used in the construction plumbing industry. Their high strength and flexibility has caused the elimination of metal pipes in many buildings.


You have probably heard the name of PVC wall coverings. One of the most important features of these wall coverings is preventing the entry and exit of sound. Also, they have a high power in maintaining and controlling the temperature and heat of the environment. Therefore, if you have a music studio, children’s room or an office in a crowded environment, we suggest you to use these types of wall coverings.

good price

Definitely, one of our most important concerns when considering, choosing and buying a product is its price. Of course, we all want to not pay too much for good quality. If you agree with us, the use of PVC products is highly recommended. You can contact our experts to know the price of these products in the field of decoration.

PVC wall covering is a smart choice to decorate the interior of the house at a low cost. These wall coverings have relatively good resistance to moisture and insects and can also be good sound insulation. Thank you for following us to the end of this article. Ohaddeco Group specializes in the production and implementation of all kinds of acoustic wall coverings. You can contact us for more information and free consultation.

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