Plastic wood flooring and its types

Plastic wood floors are made with a combination of plastic composite and wood pulp for decoration.

One of the things that is widely used in interior decoration today is the use of plastic wood flooring. Laminate floors were produced and used for the first time in the late 70s, which attracted the attention of the public. In the beginning, floor coverings were used only on the kitchen floor, but over time, the scope of using floor coverings expanded and in many environments that we interact with on a daily basis, especially in humid environments, the use of floor coverings We see. The popularity of floor coverings reached the point where many people today use them in the body of the wall.

What is plastic wood flooring?

This artificial device is a screen that is made by combining plastic composites and wood pulp. This product has a high resistance to natural factors even compared to natural flooring such as stone and wood, and due to the use of pigments and designs printed on it, it can be a cheaper and of course better alternative. Among the most popular and prominent plastic wood floorings, thermowalls can be mentioned, which play an important role in the interior decoration of the environment. Plastic wood flooring gives a very beautiful effect to the environment. For this reason, its use is highly recommended by experts and decoration designers.

کف پوش چوب پلاست قهوه ای در بالکن - اوحددکو - Brown plastic wood flooring in the balcony - ohaddeco

Types of plastic wood flooring


There are floor coverings that are formed by putting wood plastic pieces together. They are also available in two types of tiles and branches. These floor coverings are not one piece and must be put together like ceramic and mosaic. The only difference between these floors is their size. The branch type is offered in larger dimensions than the tile. Tiled and branched floors have less resistance. For this reason, it is better to use them more in interior decoration. Among the advantages of this type of flooring, we can mention the variety of roles, simple installation and easy repair. Also, the low resistance and the inability to use in external decoration are also disadvantages of these floorings.


These floor coverings are similar in appearance to light type flooring, but they are very different in terms of thickness and quality. It should be noted that there are three types of semi-heavy, heavy and extra heavy. Semi-heavy floor coverings are standardly 20-22 mm thick. The heavy type has a standard thickness of 25 mm and the extra heavy type has a standard thickness of 48-50 mm. The main use of this type of flooring is in external decoration. Its reason is high resistance to natural factors such as heavy weight and wind and rain. This feature has caused them to find a limited need for restoration, which is one of the advantages of this product. One of the disadvantages of this type of flooring is its difficult installation. Therefore, their restoration is also a difficult task.

کف پوش چوب پلاست قهوه ای سوخته در کف سالن - اوحددکو - Brown plastic wood flooring in the hall - ohaddeco
کاور چوبی کف حیاط باغ به رنگ قهوه ای - اوحددکو - Wooden cover of the floor of the garden yard in brown color - ohaddeco

Advantages of plastic wood flooring

1- Its ingredients are nature-friendly and do not harm the nature.
2- Its price is affordable and it significantly lowers the decoration design costs.
3- It is waterproof. It is also a sound and heat insulator.
4- It has a wide variety of designs and colors and can be used everywhere.
5- It is quick and easy to install and does not pollute the environment during installation or repair.

Disadvantages of plastic wood flooring

Among their disadvantages, we can mention contraction and expansion in harsh weather conditions. Also, in some cases, we may need substructure during the implementation of flooring. This may incur additional charges.

دو رنگ کرمی و قهوه ای در کنار هم اجرا شده در کف حیاط باغ - اوحددکو - Cream and brown color used on the floor of the yard - ohaddeco
کفپوش شکسته شده قهوه ای رنگ - اوحددکو - Broken brown flooring - ohaddeco

How to protect plastic wood flooring

We have already noticed that these floors are resistant, but with optimal use and proper protection, we can improve the life of these floors. The first and most important point is not to use acidic solutions while washing. Using acidic solutions corrodes these sheets and destroys them completely. Another point that must be observed is the use of bumpers under the legs of chairs, sofas, cabinets, etc. Another recommendation is to dry it immediately after washing.

Applications of plastic wood flooring

Due to their high resistance and beautiful appearance, plastic wood floors allow us to use them in many environments. Today, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers widely use this type of flooring. Also, these environments have the possibility to use these floors in their external decoration.

Thanks to their resistance to water, these floor coverings are widely used in the area around the swimming pool, as well as the floor and body of the sauna and jacuzzi.

Also, we can use plastic wood flooring in our yard or private garden. Placing these floor coverings on the floor of the yard or balcony or the floor of the pavilion is very practical. The use of these floor coverings in the roof garden also gives a special visual effect to this environment.

Implementation of flooring

In the previous sections, we read that there are two types of light and heavy plastic wood flooring. An important point is that the implementation of heavy type flooring definitely needs an expert. The implementation of heavy flooring is a very specialized work and requires the presence of an expert team. But for the implementation of light-type flooring, maybe if you are a little technical and creative, you can use these flooring in your interior decoration.

As we learned together in this article, plastic wood flooring is one of the best choices for interior decoration. One of the reasons we use these products is their easy implementation and high variety of designs and colors. Do not forget that these positive points should not make you neglect the consultation of experts. You should choose the design, color and size of the floor coverings for the environment in consultation with an expert and decoration designer. Our specialists at Ohaddeco are always ready to answer and help you dear ones.

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