Types of thermowall + price

Thermowall is a new and widely used product, especially in the decoration industry, which is obtained by placing natural wood under high pressure and heat.

On a cold winter day, you are hiking in a forest. Meanwhile, you suddenly come across a dry tree trunk. You burn wood to warm yourself. To your surprise, you will notice that the wood shows new properties. The decoration industry is an industry that is updated every day and new and diverse elements for use in this industry are introduced and offered to the market. Wood actually plays the most important role in the decoration industry. The position of this element in this industry is such that decoration experts are always trying to use it in a new way. Today, in this article, we are going to examine thermowall, one of the most used elements in interior decoration and even exterior decoration. So stay with us until the end of the article.

What is thermowall?

Thermowall is a new and widely used product that is obtained by placing wood under high pressure and heat. Thermowalls are mainly made of natural wood. This is the reason for their high popularity among wood enthusiasts in the decoration industry. The high heat applied to these woods has caused new properties of the wood to appear. Among these properties, we can mention resistance to moisture and insects, strength against impact and more durability, as well as maintaining its beautiful and natural appearance. He mentioned this element in the construction of furniture, flooring and wall covering, wooden structures such as vase stands, etc. But the introduction of thermowells does not end with the few things that have been mentioned. In the next part of the article, we are going to examine the types of thermowells in more detail.

دیوارپوش ترمووال قهوه ای - اوحددکو - brown thermowall wall covering - ohaddeco

Types of thermowall

Bamboo thermowall

As the name of this thermowall suggests, it is made of wood or the bamboo plant. You may know that bamboo itself has high strength against moisture and also has high durability and longevity. Due to the basic appearance of bamboo, this model of thermowall may not be made and supplied with a high variety, but it always has a high natural quality.

ترمووود بامبو - اوحددکو - bamboo thermowood - ohaddeco
ترمووود چوب پلاست - اوحددکو - wood plastic thermowood - ohaddeco

Plastic wood thermowall

As you know, plastic wood is made from a combination of wood and plastic. With the presence of plastic, plastic wood takes on the anti-humidity property. That is, they show a high resistance against moisture. Plastic wood thermowalls have the ability to be made in different designs and shapes. This is the reason why this type of thermowall is widely used.

Hard wood thermowall

Trees such as oak, walnut and maple have hard and resistant wood. The thickness and density of these woods is high. This reason is enough to put them in the hardwood category. This type of wood, in addition to high impact resistance, has good resistance to moisture and temperature changes. They also have the ability to maintain their natural and beautiful appearance after becoming thermowall. Like the previous one, this thermowall model is also very popular.

ترمووود چوب سخت - اوحددکو - hard wood thermowood - ohaddeco
ترمووود چوب نرم - اوحددکو - soft wood thermowood - ohaddeco

Soft wood thermowall

You saw that in the review of the previous case, we introduced hardwoods, now it’s time to introduce soft woods. The wood of trees such as pine, cypress and fir are classified as soft wood. This type of wood may not be able to show the endurance and resistance of the previous ones, but they have little permeability against moisture. This will prevent moisture from causing serious damage to them. Also, there is a natural and beautiful appearance of wood in them, which has caused them to be used more in environments where there is less possibility of strong impacts and collisions with these thermowalls.


Visual appeal and natural appearance

thermowall have advantages that may convince us to use them. The first and most important factor in choosing an element to be used in the decoration of a significant environment is to have a natural shape. This feature, along with the benefit of sufficient beauty, alone is enough to compel you to use thermowall.

High resistance and durability

Another necessary factor for choosing an element in decoration is the product’s impact resistance and high durability. Thermowalls, because they are placed in high pressure and heat, implement a useful property of wood and show high resistance against blows and have high durability.

Impermeable to moisture

Placing water bubbles in the wall or floor may cause water to transfer to the walls and change the color of the walls to yellow. Also, over time, it reduces the strength and initial quality of the walls. The use of thermowalls, especially hardwood thermowalls, prevents moisture from finding a way to penetrate into the interior of the building and protects the environment from moisture.


High sensitivity to heat

As we examined the positive features of thermowalls, now it is time to examine the disadvantages of this element. Thermowalls do not have the ability to be exposed to high heat again because they receive high heat once and show their positive properties. For this reason, proximity to high heat causes serious damage to these elements.

Higher price than natural wood

It is natural that according to the processes that go through to obtain a high-quality thermowall, a cost is added to the initial product. For this reason, the use of thermowalls can put more costs on the hands of the owners of houses and other environments.

Thermowall price

The exact price cannot be considered. The price of these products varies according to raw materials, desired size, shape and design of panels and other factors. It is worth noting that even the thickness of your requested thermowell has an effect on its price. But if we want to have a comparison between the types of thermowalls that have been mentioned, we can introduce the hardwood thermowall as the most expensive type. The reason for this is the use of heavy and thick wood, as well as the difficulty of its production. But there is not much difference in price between thermowalls of plastic wood and soft wood, and you should choose according to your needs and taste. Bamboo thermowalls also have a lower price than others. Here at Ohaddeco, we are ready to provide you with the best quality thermowall at the best price.

قیمت ترمووال - اوحددکو - thermowall price - ohaddeco

While thanking you dear ones for accompanying us in this article, you have seen that we examined the types of thermowalls. We also examined the use of this element in various industries such as furniture making, making home appliances such as doors and windows, as well as wall and floor coverings. Probably, after reading this article, you have been inspired to use the thermowalls of Ohaddeco collection. The decoration industry, with its creative experts, has new surprises for its followers every day. If you are looking to use a wooden material with a good price and high quality, don’t forget Thermowall. You can get in touch with the specialists of Ohaddeco collection to get more information and get free advice.

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