What is Urban furniture?

Urban furniture refers to tables and chairs, benches, gazebos and other equipment that are installed in public urban spaces such as parks, streets, etc.

Urban furniture refers to a collection of accessories and tools such as chairs and benches, gazebo, garbage cans, lamps, etc. These tools are used to beautify the urban space. These furniture are designed according to the identity and culture of a place. The origin of the construction and implementation of urban furniture is Paris. This tool was used for the welfare of the citizens and over time, other cities used it. Today, this issue has become one of the symbols of beauty and modernity in urban decoration. In the rest of the article, we will examine urban furniture, its uses and importance.

What is Urban furniture?

Many people think that urban furniture is limited to benches and chairs by the street and parks. But in fact, urban furniture includes a wide range of external devices and accessories. In other words, one of the important factors to improve exterior decoration is to pay attention to urban furniture.

If we factor the benches and chairs, many tools and devices are included in the field of urban furniture. Among these devices are garbage cans, gazebos, sidewalk lights and their bases, bus stops, etc., and are among the most widely used. Never forget three points in implementing urban furniture. Functionality, attention to identity and authenticity, as well as beauty, are the most important factors that should be considered.

But one thing that should never be ignored is that in choosing these devices, one should have enough expertise and knowledge about it. For example, what gender did he use in each place? Or what place is suitable for each color and design? All these questions have been answered in previous articles. We should make the right choice according to the psychology of color and the effect of colors on external decoration. Also note that as much as the right choice can create a beautiful effect, the wrong choices and excessive use of tools can completely destroy the design of that place.

Applications of urban furniture

Convenience and comfort of citizens

One of the important duties of city officials is to provide peace and comfort to the people. Making this possible can be easily achieved with just a little creativity in creating urban furniture. For example, you may feel tired while walking in a park and want to take a break. The existence of a bench or chair will definitely make you satisfied. Now, if this place that is installed for you to sit has a special design, a beautiful color or an element from your place of residence, what effect will it have on you as a citizen. Imagine that you need a trash can at the same time. A simple trash can can only prevent the environment from getting dirty. But placing a trash can with a suitable design also helps in cleanliness and beauty.

مبلمان شهری و نیمکت در پارک و یک فرد بر روی آن نشسته است - اوحددکو
مبلمان شهری زیبا در حاشیه فضای سبزو یک فرد نشسته و یک فرد پیاده - اوحددکو - Beautiful urban furniture on the edge of the green space and a person sitting - ohaddeco

The beauty of the environment

Imagine you have traveled to another city with your family or friends. Now you want someone to take a picture of you sitting in a gazebo. Is your choice a simple concrete gazebo with a cold and dead color or a wooden gazebo with a post-modern design? You have definitely chosen the second option. Choosing a series of devices and tools with intelligent thinking can be as effective on beauty. These small points, in addition to beauty, will attract more people to that environment and you will see more prosperity. This is the effect of urban furniture on the beauty of the environment.

Raising the morale of citizens

We all have and will have the experience of using public transportation in our lives. Suppose you want to go home after a tiring work day. When you enter a bus or subway station, you will notice a swing. Definitely using that swing and having fun with it will reduce your fatigue. It also makes you spend less time waiting for the vehicle. A few years ago, the mayor of one of the cities in Canada implemented this idea, which caused a unique reception.

تاب در ایستگاه اتوبوس و افرادی در حال بازی کردن با تاب - اوحددکو - Swing at the bus stop and people playing - ohaddeco
ایستگاه اتوبوس با شیشه های رنگی و طرح سنتی در شیراز - اوحددکو - Bus station with colored glass and traditional design in Shiraz - ohaddeco

Attention to the identity of the region

Iran is first in history and culture. Iranian people also attach a special place to historical monuments. For example, in cities like Shiraz or Isfahan, due to their history, much attention has been paid to the historical elements in the urban furniture of these cities. In other words, in cities like Tehran and Tabriz, the elements have been implemented in a modern way. Also, in cities like Mashhad and Qom, due to their religious culture, most urban elements are derived from their religious sanctities. In general, it should be said that the urban furniture of a region should not conflict with the original culture of that region.

What does urban furniture include?

But let’s answer the question, what elements are included in the category of urban furniture? Stay with us.

Street equipment

If you walk down your local high street right now, you will quickly notice these things. The most simple and routine part of urban street furniture is street asphalt and sidewalk flooring. Pedestrian bridges are also a good example for this category of urban furniture. Mail boxes and charity can also be good examples. First of all, this type of equipment is in the category of essential urban furniture. But with a little creativity and innovation, you can help the beauty of the environment by decorating a part of them.

Green space furniture

We all have the experience of having fun in the park or green spaces with family or friends. It is interesting to know that the presence of a park or green space in the city environment is necessary for the beauty and control of air cleanliness. Now it is better to take care of these environments and provide comfort facilities to the citizens. For example, the presence of chairs and benches for sitting and resting, toilets and drinking fountains for the well-being of people, the implementation of a green wall for the visual appeal of the space, and even play equipment for children’s entertainment all help to create a pleasant and standard environment.

Advertising and information

All of you must have come across small and big advertising billboards while crossing the street and highway. Even in some offices and other indoor environments, you have come across this issue a lot. Also, you can see a lot of advertisements and billboards in sports halls and environments. These advertisements are also part of urban furniture. Some people run these advertisements in a simple way, which does not have a beautiful effect. On the contrary, some others increase the attractiveness to a great extent with their creativity and the beautiful shape they give to the panels, along with the beautiful and appropriate lighting.

Traffic signs

One of the most important duties of every city and every region is traffic signs. This type of urban furniture is also included in the category of essential urban furniture. It is worth mentioning that the use of traffic signs with the appropriate number and the use of signs that have a beautiful and clean shape, in addition to helping to guide drivers and passers-by, also makes the city clean and fresh.

Classification of urban furniture

In general, there are types of urban furniture in two categories, essential and decorative, which we will introduce below.

Essential urban furniture

As its name suggests, it is one of the accessories that are necessary in the urban environment. Among them are street lights, signs and traffic signs, bus and subway and taxi stations, restrooms, green spaces, chairs and benches on the side of the street and many other things that are abundantly available in the city. . You saw that these items were part of the supplies that are necessary in the city for a more comfortable life and the well-being of the citizens. These devices can be seen in abundance around the city.

پل هوایی سفید رنگ و ماشین در زیر آن در هوای بارانی - اوحددکو

Decorative urban furniture

You may think that the use of decorative furniture is not necessary in the city, but this thinking is completely wrong. The main use of this category of urban furniture is to beautify the city. For example, in parks, every element or device used is done with the purpose of beautification. Even if you refer to the historical and old texture of the city where you live, you will realize that every type of element or device used in that place has a design and theme close to the style of that place. Among these tools and equipment, we can mention decorative elements, patterned chairs and benches, fences and railings with a special style and other components.

Modern and special urban furniture

In recent years, we have seen the use of modern and special furniture in many cities. These furnitures with creative and innovative designs have been able to attract the attention of many people. Of course, the advancement of technology and urban environments have also caused people to show more interest in this tool. In general, urban furniture has a simple but more creative look than old urban elements, which makes it special. The expansion of urban life and the movement of cities towards progress have changed the conditions in such a way that the use of these elements expands more.

Modern urban furniture has several advantages over traditional urban furniture, which we will discuss further.

Creative design

Modern and special furniture, with beautiful and creative design, can double the charm and beauty of the city. This issue can have a high impact on attracting people to this area. It can also move the face of the city to modernity in addition to beauty.

High performance

This furniture, with efficient design, can meet people’s needs in the best possible way. In such a way that people can use these urban facilities in the best way in their daily hustle and bustle. For example, for a short break, taking souvenir photos, etc.

High durability

Using high quality raw materials, these elements are durable and long lasting. Note that in addition to using high-quality materials, correct use can also add to the life and efficiency of these facilities. So we must be diligent in preserving these things.

Urban furniture in non-urban spaces

Urban furniture is not only for use in urban spaces. In fact, in many other environments such as gardens, villas, courtyards, roof gardens, balconies, etc., tools such as flower boxes, lights, benches, garden fences, etc. can be used. This work should be done professionally with the help of professional decoration designers. An expert using his knowledge and experience, considering all aspects, can do the best and most efficient design and give you a beautiful environment. It is worth noting that the use of urban furniture elements in the environments we mentioned has no restrictions if it is efficient. Because these furnitures are designed and made for outdoor spaces.

As you read in this article, creating an attractive urban space requires a creative expert to create an attractive environment. Note that it is not necessary to use only modern or traditional tools in the implementation of urban furniture. Sometimes the use of small and simple things has the best effect. Be sure to note that you will need a professional expert to select and implement various components of urban furniture, because good work leads to good results. Otherwise, your exterior decoration will lose the beauty it could have. Here at Ohaddeco, we are ready to give you the best advice and guidance.

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