Partition of office halls

A partition is a prefabricated wall made of wood, aluminum, glass, etc., which are used to separate different parts of the environment.

The layout of your office has a significant impact on the efficiency of your business. But sometimes office environments are built in one piece and you need to separate different parts. This separation will allow you to make useful use of the space. This separation and optimization does not necessarily need to be done using brick and cement walls. One of the best and most affordable ways to do this is to use office partitions. Easy installation, flexibility and visual beauty given to the environment are only part of the features of these partitions. In the rest of this article, we plan to learn more about the types and benefits of this partition, so stay with us.

What is partition?

In general, the Latin word partition means to divide. You may have seen that in the environment of some offices, different parts are separated using opaque or transparent sheets. This is exactly what it is. Proper partitioning has many effects in an office environment. Optimizing the space and making the employees feel responsible for the part they are given is one of the benefits it gives us.

Applications of office partition

Space optimization

In the environment of some offices, there are dead spaces that do not fit the work of the people working there, nor are they beneficial for the clients. These spaces can disrupt the order of the environment and reduce productivity. With the correct and principled partition, these dead spaces can be eliminated and all points of the environment can be used.

جداکننده طوسی رنگ و میز ناهار خوری کرمی - اوحددکو - Gray divider and cream dining table - ohaddeco

Hiding defects

You may have seen that in some office environments, there are defects in the body of the building. Or, for example, you may have seen that a column is located in an inappropriate place and they cause disturbance. By using partitions, you can hide these defects and help beautify the environment.

Create different rooms

If you are an employee, you may understand that working with employees of other departments is difficult and causes disruptions in people’s work. A proper partitioning can separate related parts and create rooms so that people can do their work more easily.

جداکننده و صندلی طوسی رنگ مقابل میز سفیدرنگ در دفتر کار - اوحددکو - Separator and gray chair in front of the white desk in the office - ohaddeco

Various and desired design

As we said, office partitions have high flexibility. They are also produced with various and beautiful designs. All this is enough for business owners to open their hands to implement partitions as desired. Of course, keep in mind that they are easily replaceable, which is also a positive point for this device.

Types of office partition


It is one of the most popular types of partitions in which MDF is used in its construction. Keep in mind that by using this type, it is no longer possible to see inside the room, but it is a good choice for environments where there is a possibility of people bumping into the partition wall. The reason is that MDF has high resistance. They can also be good sound insulators.

پارتیشن mdf با رنگ قهوه ای - اوحددکو - MDF partition with brown color - ohaddeco
پارتیشن شیشه و mdf قهوه ای رنگ در محیط اداری - اوحددکو - Glass partition and brown mdf office environment - ohaddeco

Glass and MDF

One of the most widely used and best types of partitions is this type. In this type of partition, MDF is used as the mold and the main body, and the remaining spaces are filled by glass. This model allows the employees to be able to have a view of the outside environment. Of course, office curtains are generally used to cover the inside of the glass door.


But let’s examine another type of administrative partition. Aluminum partition. This popular type of partition is made of light but strong aluminum. The attractiveness and beauty of appearance is also one of the features of this model. Of course, this model is designed and executed in two styles. One of these styles is the use of another material in addition to aluminum sheets. For example, you can use patterned transparent glass next to it. You can also use MDF wood sheets in the body.

پارتیشن آلومینیومی طوسی رنگ در دفتر کار - اوحددکو - Gray aluminum partition in the office - ohaddeco
پارتیشن از جنس pvc با رنگ کرم و به صورت کرکره ای نیمه باز - اوحددکو - Partition made of creamy pvc and semi-open shutter - ohaddeco


It can be said that it is the most similar model to MDF partition. This type of partition does not allow people to see the opposite environment. At the same time, it has a high resistance to impact and heat and is impervious to water. They are also good insulators for sound. If you are looking for an economical and reasonably priced partition that also has a good material, using this model is smart. Also, keep in mind that to increase the strength, you need to use several layers of it.


Now it’s time to check one of the most beautiful types of partitions. As its name suggests, it is entirely made of glass. In the implementation of the glass partition, you must use resistant glass that is resistant to heat and impact. This style, in addition to giving a lot of beauty to the environment and helping to improve the office furniture, is also a good insulator for sound.

پارتیشن شیشه ای در دفتر کار - اوحددکو - Glass partition in office - ohaddeco

Considering all the things that have been said, it is interesting to know that partitions generally exist in two categories, single-walled and double-walled. If you are looking for more resistance and sound insulation is important to you, it is better to use the double-glazed type. But the single-walled type, unlike the double-walled model, does not have sound insulation properties and is less resistant. Single-wall partitions are more suitable for environments where people and objects are less likely to collide with the body.

The principles and stages of designing and building an office partition

Visiting and analyzing the project environment

This is always the first step in implementing projects. For accurate, principled and practical design, we must first have a sufficient understanding of the environment. We need to know what design should be done so that the maximum use of the space is taken and we can use other facilities such as the natural light of the environment.

Understanding customer needs

At this stage, you should know exactly what the customer wants. Then, according to his statements, you also give him the suggestions that you think can be effective and reach the relative desired result with the preliminary manual design. Note that it is very important to make suggestions from your side. This will prevent you from having problems with the customer in the future.

Project design

Now, at this stage, it is time to design the project accurately. Note that in the design, we do not reject natural elements in any way. For example, lighting is one of the most important factors in the decoration of an environment, which should be given special attention. Also, keep in mind that the color of the partitions should be in perfect harmony with the environment.

Implementation of partition

In this step, an expert team must implement the designed elements according to the graphic design. At this stage, the exact location of the partitions should be determined and the basic fittings should be installed. Then we install the main templates and place the partitions and boards on it.

جداسازی بخش های مختلف دفتر کار با استفاده از جداکننده شیشه ای - اوحددکو - Separation of office sections with a glass separator - ohaddeco
ساخت اتاق های مختلف با استفاده از جداکننده شیشه و آلومینیوم - اوحددکو - Room construction using glass and aluminum dividers - ohaddeco

What is the price of office partition?

It is definitely not possible to determine the exact price for the office partition. The price of a project is determined according to its time, size and applied material. Now, to determine the price of a partition project, you need to know what type of partition you are going to use. Also, the area of ​​the project environment and the amount of material used in partitioning have an effect on the price. But in general, glass partitions have a lower price. Also, PVC partitions are also economical, but these two models are better to be used as double windows due to their poorer quality. Of course, double-walled partitions are always more expensive due to the more material they take. It is worth noting that MDF partitions have a higher cost, but they have a guaranteed quality that is worth this high price.

Thank you for accompanying us in this article. You have seen that in this article we examined administrative partitions and their uses and types. Keep in mind that in our collection, despite the presence of experienced experts, there is no need to worry about the design of the office environment. You also know that the existence of these devices helps to increase work efficiency. For more information and advice, you can contact the specialists and consultants of Ohaddeco Group.

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