Living room decoration

The living room is one of the spaces that people use a lot on a daily basis, and this space is generally used for smaller parties and family gatherings.

It often happens that you want to spend an hour together with family members. We all choose the living room for family or friendly evenings. These small periods have a great impact on our mood. But there are factors that can be followed to create an environment that helps improve the living room space. Maybe this question will arise for you, what things affect this environment? Many factors affect this. Today, in this article, we are going to examine the effective factors in improving the decoration of the living room. So stay with us until the end of the article.

living room

The living room is one of the spaces that people use a lot on a daily basis. We said earlier that this space is generally used for holding smaller parties. The size of the living room is usually smaller than the living room. Just like paying attention to the decoration of the reception hall, special importance should be given to the design and implementation of the decoration of the living room. In this environment, many elements are used to decorate. Among these tools and elements, we can mention furniture, lighting, painting and various accessories. Of course, these elements are not limited to what was said. Other specialties such as decoration style, floor and wall coverings, etc. are also effective. We will cover all of these in the following sections.

مبلمان سفید و آبی در اتاق نشیمن بزرگ - اوحددکو - white and blue furniture in big living room - ohaddeco

Living room design elements


Choosing the right furniture for the living room is difficult. Of course, in choosing the right furniture, you should pay attention to many things, including taste, matching the furniture with other decoration components, and the comfort of the furniture. Also, the size of your furniture should be proportional to the size of the environment. For example, if your environment is small, using large sofas is not appropriate at all. Apart from these, the decoration style is also effective in your choice. Generally, three styles, modern, classic and minimal, are used in interior decoration. In modern style, simple but large sofas should be used. At the same time, royal furniture should be used in the classic style. Also, in minimal style, it is better to use simple and sporty sofas.

مبلمان آبی و دیوارهای خاکستری - اوحددکو - blur furniture and gray walls - ohaddeco
اتاق نشیمن با نورپردازی - اوحددکو - living room with lighting - ohaddeco


We said that the living room is a frequently used environment in the home and family. Also, lighting is the most important factor in showing the decoration and the components used in it. In this environment, you spend hours with your family and you need to be fresh and cheerful. A correct and principled lighting will prevent your eyes from getting tired. This does not only apply to the living room. Lighting is effective in all indoor environments and even exterior decoration and facade of the building. Of course, this lighting, like the previous element, should be implemented according to other decoration components. in a way that fits the style of decoration and the size of the environment.

Wall covering and flooring

Wall coverings and floor coverings are one of the decoration tools that are widely used today. These tools are made of different materials. But our goal today is to examine the decoration of the living room. In the living room, wooden, PVC, MDF and polywood wall coverings and flooring are used. Maybe you are in the category of busy and noisy families or quiet families. In such a situation, it is better to use acoustic wall coverings. The use of these elements prevents extra sounds from outside entering your home and at the same time prevents your sound from escaping to the outside environment. Also, due to their special appearance, the floor coverings make you unnecessary to spread the carpet.

مبل سفید و کفپوش قهوه ای کف اتاق - اوحددکو - white sofa and brown flooring in room - ohaddeco
مبلمان خاکستری و کفپوش قهوه ای در اتاق نشیمن - اوحددکو - gray furniture and brown flooring in living room - ohaddeco


In addition to the things mentioned, you need to use other accessories in the living room. The most routine accessories that are used can be TV, photo frames, vases, statues, etc. These elements should not be so much that they occupy the entire space of the living room, nor should they be so few that they make the space look cold, empty and soulless. You can use the TV for your family gatherings, and depending on the size of the room, decide whether to use the TV or not. Also, the use of small and large vases, wall clocks, photo frames, etc. can add beauty and life to your space.

As you read, in the previous sections, we only examined the tools needed in the design of the living room decoration. In addition to these tools, you need to observe other points that we will discuss in the next section. To know these things, stay with us.

Choosing the style of living room decoration

The style of decoration you choose has a great impact on your next choices in implementing decoration components. We said earlier that modern, classic and minimal styles are among the most used styles in decoration design. Choosing the right style depends not only on your personal taste, but also on the size of the living room. For example, if you have a large environment, you are free to choose the style. But when you use a small space, it is better to use the minimal style. In this style, it is tried to use more minimal space. Also, this style can help you and other members of the house to feel good. Using this style, you should use simple and sporty furniture as well as simple and small accessories.

مبلمان با رنگ های آبی و صورتی - اوحددکو - blue and pink furniture - ohaddeco
مبلمان و دیوارهای قهوه ای - اوحددکو - brown furniture and walls - ohaddeco

Choosing the right color for the living room

Colors include a large part of our lives and have a great impact on people’s psyche. As we said before, the living room is a place for our family gatherings. So coloring this environment is very important. In the psychology of color, the positive effect of warm colors in improving people’s mood is mentioned. As a result, it is better to include warm colors in painting the walls, choosing furniture and other components. Of course, you are not only required to use warm colors. Neutral colors are also effective in inducing a sense of calmness and vitality in people’s minds. It is worth noting that if you have decided to use a minimal style, it is better to use more neutral colors and warm colors.

مبلمان قهوه ای و فرش قرمز در اتاق نشیمن - اوحددکو - brown furniture and red carpet in living room - ohaddeco
مبلمان آبی و دیوار صورتی - اوحددکو - blue furniture and pink wall - ohaddeco

Small living room decoration

You know that in all spaces you need an arrangement that does not cause you mental confusion. The factors that we mentioned before are all effective in this matter. Today, most of the houses are built with a smaller area than in the past. This issue makes the design of these small houses more creativity. Small and short chandeliers, simple and small furniture, more use of natural light, TV attached to the wall, etc. are all tips that can be used to the maximum of small environments.

As you have read, in this article we examined the decoration of the living room. We also checked what elements we need to implement for the best possible design and what points we should follow to create a more beautiful and suitable environment for ourselves and our family members. Keep in mind that home and family are the most important assets of every human being. So they deserve to give special importance to them. While thanking you for accompanying us in this article, we hope that the presented material will be of use to you. With expertise in the field of decoration, Ohaddeco Collection is ready to cooperate with you to design and implement the decoration of your desired environment as best as possible. You can contact our experts for more information.

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