Artificial intelligence in decoration design

Today, you hear the word artificial intelligence in abundance and in most professions and jobs. Using artificial intelligence tools can be of great help to home owners and decoration designers.

Nowadays, in the construction industry, paying attention to interior decoration has a special place. Maybe you, as a home owner or even a decoration designer, intend to see the result of the work before designing the decoration of a place. At the same time, many ideas may come to your mind or you may not even have any ideas in your mind. What is the solution in such a situation? Today, you hear the word artificial intelligence in abundance and in most professions and jobs. Using artificial intelligence tools can be of great help to home owners and decoration designers. Today, in this article, we are going to review the best artificial intelligence tools in interior decoration design. So follow us until the end of the article.

Artificial intelligence in decoration design

The advancement of technology and computer science in recent years has brought many positive effects in many fields, including various industries and jobs. The decoration industry is no exception to this rule. Of course, these artificial intelligence tools themselves require sufficient knowledge to use. Also, if you intend to entrust the initial design of your environment to artificial intelligence, you must first know what you want. For example, you should specify the style of decoration, required elements, suitable lighting and coloring, etc. Then it is enough to get the final result just by uploading a photo of the desired environment along with a detailed description of the needs. In the following sections, we intend to examine these tools further.

The best artificial intelligence


First, it is time to review one of the most creative and best artificial intelligence tools in interior design. Midjourney is a non-free and paid AI. This tool provides many features to its users. This artificial intelligence works in two ways. You can also get pictures by just giving details about the environment you want, and you can also see a beautiful picture by uploading a picture of the desired place. We said that this tool is not free. But at the same time, it also offers good features to its users. At first, you receive four professional images, and if not approved by you, this AI will design four more images for you.

هوش مصنوعی میدجورنی - اوحددکو - Mdjourney Artificial intelligence - ohaddeco
طراحی دکوراسیون اتاق نشیمن با روم جی‌پی‌تی - اوحددکو - living room diseign with RoomGPT - ohaddeco


Now it’s time to review the tool that has received the highest score so far among users. RoomGPT is a professional artificial intelligence in the field of interior design. This tool is completely free, which is the reason for its high popularity. In this AI, you must first upload the image of your desired location. Then by choosing the appropriate and desired style, describing the elements and describing your desired layout, you will receive the final image. Four highly realistic rendered images are delivered to you. After choosing the desired image, you can still apply the desired changes and receive the final result.

Microsoft Bing AI

Microsoft Bing AI is another advanced tool in the field of interior decoration design. Like the previous one, this artificial intelligence is also free. This artificial intelligence is completely based on the Bing search engine and uses machine learning algorithms in the desired designs. These are enough to know what a powerful tool you are dealing with. After receiving the image of the desired location and the necessary details, this tool starts searching for similar items in the web space and by getting ideas and inspiration from them, it provides a beautiful image and more ideas to the user. Also, this AI has the ability to implement the idea and the necessary dos and don’ts on the image.

مایکروسافت بینگ - اوحددکو - microsoft bing - ohaddeco
هوش مصنوعی اوپن آرت - اوحددکو - Open Art Artificial intelligence - ohaddeco

Open Art

Open Art is not as powerful as the previously mentioned ones. But you can use it to have a series of information and an overview regarding the decoration you want. The algorithms of this artificial intelligence follow the algorithms of the previous AI that we said. This is another bug of this tool. Perhaps it is safe to say that the only positive point of this artificial intelligence is that it is free. Another great feature of this AI is that it does not confirm the negative commands you enter. At the same time, once the tool delivers the final images, you will not be able to change those images.


This AI has many uses and has received a high average score. At first, Dream Studio receives the desired image from you. Then, when you tell the necessary information and desired details to the artificial intelligence, it will display a creative and good image for you, but unfortunately, the resolution of these images is usually low. Also keep in mind that using this AI is free only for a limited number of times and after this credit you have to buy a subscription. At the same time, keep in mind that working with this machine is difficult and requires you to be a professional in the field of decoration design because it receives detailed and specialized information from you.

دریم استودیو - اوحددکو - dream studio - ohaddeco
طراحی دکوراسیون با روم پلنر - اوحددکو - decoration design with RoomPlanner - ohaddeco

AI Room Planner

Let’s talk about another one of the most popular AI tools in the decoration industry. RomPlanner is a free and simple plugin that can be used even by beginners. To get a picture from this artificial intelligence, you only need to log in with your Google account, then upload a photo of your room and wait for the final result by giving general details such as decoration style. Unfortunately, in this artificial intelligence, you are only able to choose one style and room, which creates limitations for you.

Stable Diffusion

Now it’s time to examine another artificial intelligence tool that has gained special credibility among people with its special capabilities. Stable Diffusion AI is actually a text-to-image generator tool. In this way, you first enter your simple and basic image, then you add your desired details in any form. Now it is the turn of this artificial intelligence to act. This AI implements the best design for you by receiving and measuring your thoughts and by analyzing the points it has learned in advance. Fortunately, this AI is free and is used by many people today.

اوحددکو - stable diffusion - ohaddeco
هوش مصنوعی - اوحددکو - dall-e Artificial intelligence - ohaddeco


A professional artificial intelligence in interior decoration design. Dall-E is one of the best assistants for designers and decoration experts. You may have heard of Elon Musk. To understand the professionalism of this AI, it is enough to know that Elon Musk had a major role in its creation. This AI is one of the best image generating machines using input text. But this tool has a problem. Of course, its name can’t be faulted, but there is a point that makes everyone unable to use it. To use this artificial intelligence, you must have the ability to use specialized words. Otherwise, you will end up with strange and unworkable images.

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Advantages of artificial intelligence

The use of AI in interior and exterior decoration has its advantages and disadvantages. It is better to check its advantages first. It is definitely a very valuable time for all of us. The use of artificial intelligence means that less time is spent on decoration design. The second positive point that we should mention is getting inspiration and ideas from thousands of other executed designs and styles that leave your hand open to choose. Also, using this technology can give you professionalism. In this way, sometimes you get a design that was hard for you to imagine.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

But you should know that this artificial intelligence also has its own disadvantages. The most important disadvantage is that the machine may not be able to understand your feelings and needs, and in fact, the general meaning of the points you provided. This causes the design to not be done as you want. Also, some AI tools may have limitations. For example, they cannot design for all spaces. If you may need decoration design for any space such as bedroom, living room, reception hall, etc. But another flaw that is very noticeable is that some of its versions are paid. Many people always try to use free versions, that’s why they are limited in using AI.

Thank you dears for accompanying us in this article, as you have seen, today we examined artificial intelligence tools and their applications in the design of decoration of different environments. We also introduced you the best artificial intelligence tools. Note that if you intend to design a beautiful environment, it is not enough to just use artificial intelligence. In fact, AI has come to help experts, not to replace them. So be sure to use the knowledge of an expert to use this technology. You can contact Ohaddeco consultants for more information and free consultation.

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