Lighting in improving interior and exterior decoration

One of the important elements in decoration is lighting. Lighting can complete the process of decorating the environment in the best way.

Lighting is one of the important elements in decoration design. Good lighting completes the process of decorating the environment in the best way. Now the question may arise, what is the importance of lighting in home decoration? Imagine that you go with your family to have dinner in a recreational environment. but when you get there, you realize that you did not bring the food with you. Therefore, we conclude that no matter how beautiful a decoration is, if it does not have good lighting, it is not attractive. In other words, in the term of design experts, it is the dominant factor in decoration design. In the rest of the article, we will learn about different types of lighting and its solutions for better interior and exterior decoration design.

Different models of lighting and applications

As you know, there are 4 general, local, accent and decorative lighting models. Before choosing lighting, we must understand our purpose of implementing it. Let us examine this issue further by mentioning some examples. As we can see in our surroundings, there are environments where it is better to do public lighting. Places like living room, kitchen, restaurants and… But the opposite is also true. For example, in a study room, you do not need general and decorative lighting. In this place, local and accent lighting can be a more appropriate choice for the space. Museums, galleries and masons can also be good examples of decorative or combination lighting. In these environments, the focus of light is always on a series of specific objects.

In the past, we checked that there are many factors that can affect our mental and emotional peace. One of these factors is proper lighting. In the rest of the article, we will discuss the effect of different types of lighting in different environments that we use the most on a daily basis:

living room

The basic lighting of this place is the main factor for the design of the room. Design experts always recommend that we use lamps for living rooms that can be dimmed or increased according to the environment. Let’s not forget that the number of lamps and their brightness, when they are adjusted correctly, will create balance and show off the beauty of the room better. It is better to use general lighting with high light intensity in the living room. If the ceiling of the room is short, it is better to make the base of the lamps or chandeliers shorter. It is also better to use built-in lighting devices in the ceiling or wall. But sometimes our living room may have a high ceiling. In these cases, using lamps and chandeliers with long bases is the best option to improve the lighting of the living room.

اتاق نشیمن با مبلمان سفید رنگ و نورپردازی زیبا - اوحددکو - Living room with white furniture and lighting - ohaddeco
رستوران با دیوارهای طوسی و قهوه ای و نورپردازی تزیینی - اوحددکو - Restaurant with gray and brown walls and decorative lighting - ohaddeco


The best suggestion for restaurant owners is to use a combination of general and decorative type. Of course, do not forget that the style of the restaurant is very important in your choice. For example, in a modern restaurant, you should use a decoration with a dominant light color, because if the objects are too dark, the light will disappear and your space will become a soulless space. The use of general lighting makes the customers see better and the space looks bigger and shows the effects of visual beauty better. The use of decorative lighting in the corners of the restaurant where there are decorative items is also the most important factor to show the beauty of the object.


One of the most important features that the work room should have is that its decoration does not cause eye fatigue. Therefore, the best way to preserve the energy of the environment is to use natural light. But sometimes it happens that there is not enough light in the environment. As a result, the use of general lighting with a soft and bright dominant color can have a significant effect on the proper lighting of the environment.

اتاق کار کوچک با مبلمان قهوه ای روشن و نورپردازی طبیعی - اوحددکو - Small study room with brown furniture and natural lighting - ohaddeco


According to the psychology of color, the dominant color of the bedroom should be a cool color because it can make you sleep well. Therefore, the best options for bedroom lighting are to use natural light. This means that certain points such as the study table or the toilet table should accommodate the most amount of light. Of course, one of the tips that make the bedroom double the beauty is the reflection of light on the wall or room furniture.

اتاق خواب با تخت سفید و دیوارهای طوسی و نور عموما طبیعی - اوحددکو - Bedroom with white bed and gray walls and natural light - ohaddeco

Educational facilities

In the design of the decoration of the educational environment, there should not be strong light in the environment because it causes eye fatigue. For this reason, the best solution is to use natural daylight or general lighting. The use of colored and soft lights can brighten up the space. Also, the use of devices that reflect light significantly reduces the cost of implementing lighting.

یک سالن همایش با لامپ های فراوان برروی سقف برای روشنایی کامل و میزهای قهوه ای و صندلی مشکی - اوحددکو - Conference hall with lamps on the ceiling, brown tables and black chairs - ohaddeco

Lighting of ceilings with different heights

Sometimes it is possible that the ceiling of the environment we are looking for is shorter or higher than usual. In these situations, there are solutions that we can implement basic lighting, which we will examine in the following article:

short roof

One of the ways to improve lighting in rooms with low ceilings is to use lamps attached to the ceiling. Usually, one of the common mistakes when designing the living room is to use lamps or chandeliers with long bases. This makes the space look smaller. It is also very effective to use devices such as mirrors that reflect light.

high roof

The high ceiling gives enough space for all kinds of lighting. But a very important point is that the shorter the distance between the lamp or the chandelier and the ground, the better the light is dispersed in the environment. For this reason, the base of the lamp and chandelier should be short. By doing this, the source will have the best light radiation at a smaller distance from the ground. The use of wall lamps gives a good effect to the environment and preserves the energy of the space.

اتاق نشیمن با سقف کوتاه و مبلمان سفید و میز و قهوه ای و لامپ های چسبیده به سقف - اوحددکو - Room with low ceiling and white furniture and brown table and lamp attached to the ceiling - ohaddeco
اتاق نشیمن با سقف بلند و مبلمان سفید و کف پوش قهوه ای و لوسترهای بلند - اوحددکو - High ceiling room with white furniture and brown flooring and tall chandeliers - ohaddeco

Factors affecting exterior lighting

Lighting is effective on the beauty of interior decoration. Also it is equally effective on the beauty of exterior decoration and the facade of the building. A proper lighting can make the exterior of the building look classic, modern and stylish. At the same time, an inappropriate lighting can give an ugly and unbalanced appearance to the exterior of the building. In order to implement a suitable lighting, we must also observe some points, which we will discuss below:

Choose the right color

The most important factor in the appearance of the exterior is the combination of the color of the materials and the light color of the lamps. Of course, the intensity of color and light is also important. If these two items are used too much, they will create a bad effect. Also, using these two items less than usual, makes us look cold and soulless.

Light intensity

One of the most important factors that we must pay attention to in the execution of the exterior is that the lamps used in the exterior must have a strong light projection. For example, in a high-rise building, the lamps placed at the bottom should shine light upwards. Or in buildings with a lower height, use lights that have a shorter range and strong light.

The position of lamps in exterior lighting

The light used on the exterior should not penetrate into the building and only illuminate the space between the windows. Otherwise, this will cause disturbance to the residents of the building.

نمای بیرونی یک ساختمان با سبک کلاسیک و نورپردازی بر روی آن - اوحددکو - The exterior of a classic building and lighting on it - ohaddeco

As we read in this article, we realized that light is an important factor in the beauty of decoration. The correct and principled implementation of lighting, both inside and outside the building, makes the visual appeal of the space more apparent. Of course, personal taste is also an effective point in the type of lighting. People choose low light or high light according to their interest. However, it is important that these preferences are implemented in a principled way with the help of experts and consultants.

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