Girls bedroom

The safest place in the house is the bedroom, the decoration of which is important. In this article, let's examine the girls' bedroom.

All little girls imagine themselves instead of a princess in their fantasy world. They like to dress like a princess, eat, talk, play and have a princess-like room. A girls bedroom is definitely one of the facilities that little girls and even teenage girls can enjoy and be proud of having such a room. Now, how should the decoration of a girls bedroom be designed and implemented? Do you have any thoughts about it? Today, in this article, we are going to examine the shape and design ideas of girls room decoration. So stay with us until the end of the article.

Girls bedroom

At home, the safest place is the bedroom. Maybe this sentence can make you understand how important bedroom decoration is. As much as we see the effect of proper bedroom decoration on the mood, we have also seen the effect of bad decoration on confusion and confusion. The decoration of the girl’s room is no exception to this rule. Of course, in addition to order and arrangement, the color and appearance of the used components is also important. For example, we know that in general, the dominant color in a girl’s room should be pink. Of course, this thinking may be a little outdated. The color of the mold should be chosen according to the tastes and interests of the owner of the room. Now these colors can be white, red, etc. Keep in mind that according to age, changes in decoration should be applied.

اتاق خواب دخترانه با تم صورتی - اوحددکو - girls bedroom with pink theme - ohaddeco

Components of a girls bedroom

اتاق خواب دخترانه با تخت صورتی - اوحددکو - girls bedroom and pink bed - ohaddeco

Painting and wallpaper

As we said before, the use of pink color in the design of girls room decoration has become a bit old and other colors can be used. Keep in mind that the dominant color in the room plays the main role in showing the type of design and decoration. If you are going to use wallpaper, you have many choices to implement in the room. But considering that today’s world of decoration is moving towards a minimal style, it is better to use wallpapers that have a simple design and pattern. But if simplicity is not a priority for you, it is better to use wallpapers with small girly designs on it.

bed set

The bed is actually the most important element in the bedroom. But what should the bed look like in a girls bedroom? Generally, it is better that the color of the bed is different from the color of the wall. Of course, this difference should be such that it does not damage the room’s decoration components. The color you use for the bed should have minimal harmony with the wall. For example, if you have considered the color of the wall or wallpaper to be pink, it is better to use a white bed. You can also install a silk curtain above the bed as a shade. Doing this not only helps to make the setting special, but also helps instill that princess feeling we mentioned.

اتاق خواب دخترانه با تخت سفید - اوحددکو - girls bedroom with white bed
کمد و تخت خواب - اوحددکو - closet and bed - ohaddeco

Closet and shelf

As you know, girls and women in general have a lot of small and large accessories. In this situation, they need to place these devices in a suitable place so that they maintain their order and have easier access to the needed devices. What is the solution in this situation? The solution to this problem is to use closets and shelves that can accommodate items. They mainly use cupboards and shelves that have a glass front and the items can be seen. Also, it is better that the color of the wardrobe is the same or set with the color of the bed set.

Floor Covering

Another problem that people face when choosing the decoration components for a girls bedroom is whether to use a floor covering or a carpet. This can also come back to people’s taste. Maybe a girl will agree with having a small rug with a doll design and another with a colored floor. But how should each of these choices be? As we said, those who choose carpets use girls’ design carpets. But most of those who decide to use flooring choose white flooring to match the other decoration components. Simultaneous use of flooring and carpet can also be considered a good option.

اتاق خواب بزرگ با تخت صورتی - اوحددکو - big bedroom with pink bed - ohaddeco
اتاق خواب بزرگ با نورپردازی زیبا - اوحددکو - big room with nice lighting - ohaddeco


Now it’s time to examine one of the most important factors that make interior and exterior decoration look better. Decoration experts always recommend using more natural light inside the house. But sometimes the conditions for using natural light may not be ready. In such cases, it is better to use accent lighting in such a way that the environment where the study table or dressing table is located has more light. You can also use neon lamps with special designs on the walls above the bed.

Accessories used in girls bedrooms

If you pay attention to the room of a granddaughter or a teenage girl, you will see many accessories such as dolls, mirrors, etc. Of course, these accessories generally include the same dolls and game accessories. But it should not be limited to these things. There are many elements that can contribute to the beauty of girls bedroom decoration. One of these elements that we mentioned before is the silk curtains that are attached to the top of the bed. Neon lamps that refer to specific designs and writings are also used as other elements. Also, small vases, desktop cookie clocks, writing desks, etc. are other accessories that can be used to decorate a girls bedroom.

اتاق خواب صورتی با دو تخت - اوحددکو - pink bedroom with 2 beds - ohaddeco
تخت بنفش در اتاق خواب - اوحددکو - purple bed in bedroom - ohaddeco

Double Deck Bed

Today, one of the things that happens a lot in homes is the use of bunk beds in children’s rooms. If you have two children and you plan to have a room for both of them, it is better to think about getting a bunk bed. Of course, a group of people also do not use bunk beds and prefer to divide the bedroom into two parts so that each part is dedicated to one of the children. This can be done using partitions. In this situation, you can even consider a separate decoration with different designs for each part of the room.

تخت خواب دونفره سفید - اوحددکو - white double deck bed - ohaddeco

As you can see, in this article, we reviewed the girls bedroom. Thank you for accompanying us in this article, we hope that we have been able to convey good information to you. With years of expertise in the field of design and implementation of decoration with different styles and designs, Ohaddeco Collection is ready to start cooperation with you, dear customers. You can contact us for more information and to communicate with experts.

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