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Minimal style is one of the most popular decoration styles in which the maximum use of space is made by using simple elements.

One of the styles that has been used by many decoration designers and people in recent years is minimal style design. A style that you may have heard many times. If you believe that beauty is in simplicity, the best choice for the decoration style of your environment is minimal. You may know that the main characteristic of minimal style is simplicity and avoiding luxury and crowding. So people who tend to have the least visual clutter around them, turn to this style. In the rest of the article, we intend to introduce you to the features of the minimal style. So stay with us in the rest of the article and don’t miss the points that are said.

What is minimal style?

In general, the minimal style is said to be a style that avoids luxury and focuses on simplicity, creating a beautiful and relaxing environment. In this style, the use of unnecessary and additional equipment is completely avoided and according to its rule, only necessary and practical everyday equipment should be used. Also, one of the other special features of this style is that the variety of colors has no meaning. The main colors used in the minimal style are neutral colors. But apart from the issue of colors, in the minimal style, colors are not given much attention and should mainly be focused on a suitable arrangement. Of course, many people consider minimal to be a boring style. On the other hand, some people consider it the best tool to calm down in dealing with everyday anomalies and disturbances.

اتاق نشیمن با مبل های سفید و میز مشکی و آباژور مشکی با طراحی مینیمال - اوحددکو - Living room with white sofas and black table and black lampshade with minimal design - ohaddeco

Colors in minimal style

As we said, the main goal of the minimal style is to inject peace into the environment. In the psychology of colors, to have a calm and safe environment for the soul, we should use cold colors the most. Also, another goal that we are looking for when implementing the minimal style is to make the environment look more open. This is achieved by using cool colors. The most practical colors used are white, gray, black, gray, pale green, pale blue, and similar colors. These are suggested colors for fixtures and walls. Many experts recommend the use of light-colored wooden flooring for use in a minimal style. The use of the mentioned colors, with the contrast it creates, has a significant effect on making the decoration design more beautiful.

یک اتاق با صندلی طوسی و میز و آباژور کرم - اوحددکو - A room with a gray chair and a table and a cream lampshade - ohaddeco

Lighting in a minimal style

We know that one of the most important elements of a beautiful decoration is lighting. In the minimal style, special importance is given to lighting. As we said, in the minimal style, the focus is on simplicity and it is tried to help the space look more open. We know that the presence of sufficient light in the environment helps in this matter. Therefore, this issue causes design experts to always make the windows bigger and in such a way that enough natural light enters the environment. Another thing that experts use is the design of built-in lighting tools so that, in addition to simplicity, it also injects enough light into the environment.

The principles that you must follow

In the design of minimal style decoration, there are rules that you will get the best result by using them. In the rest of this section, we intend to examine these rules.

اتاق خواب با طراحی مینیمال شامل تخت خواب و گلدان و تابلو - اوحددکو - A bedroom with a minimal design and a bed, a vase and a panel - ohaddeco

Few and simple accessories

You must know that accessories are generally used as decorative items. You also know that luxury and aristocracy are avoided in the minimal style. Now you might think to yourself that the use of accessories and decorative items in the design of this style is prohibited. But it is never like this. By the way, you should use these accessories. but little We said that luxury should be avoided, but we did not say that decorations should also be removed. By the way, you should use small and simple accessories for a better appearance of minimal design. The clutter on the wall will distract you. So it is better to focus on the center of the room by using simple devices.

Simple furniture

Furniture, as one of the main parts of the room, has a great influence on the style of its decoration. Using simple furniture is the most important step to implement the minimal style. Also, keep in mind that no matter how simple your furniture is, if they are used too much, they will easily spoil your decoration. So, avoid placing even an extra small chair. Because as we said, the focus of the minimal style is on simplicity.

اتاق نشیمن به مبلمان مشکی و بدنه سفید - اوحددکو - Living room with black furniture and white body - ohaddeco

Carpets and rugs

There has always been a difference between the experts in decoration design, whether it is appropriate to use carpets and rugs in an environment with minimal design. What both groups believe in is simplicity in design. Now, the common denominator of these conversations can be the use of a small carpet with a color that matches the other colors used. Choosing a carpet or rug should be less noticeable. Of course, in a minimal style.

اتاق نشیمن با مبلمان سفید و لوسترهای مینیمال - اوحددکو - Living room with white furniture and minimal chandeliers - ohaddeco

Arrangement of equipment

We found that the openness and solitude of the space is one of the features of the minimal style. When will these features be available? It is right when we create free space and prevent the creation of dead space with the correct and principled arrangement of devices and elements. Now, this arrangement can be achieved by choosing smaller sized items and elements. In fact, in this style, you are bound to prefer quality over quantity.

اتاق با مبلمان مشکی و دیوار و کفپوش سفید - اوحدکو - Living room with black furniture and white body - ohaddeco

Minimal style mental and physical effects

You know that the style of environment decoration has a great effect on the soul and body of people. For example, a cramped and dark room brings depression. At the same time, high brightness causes stress, anxiety and haste. Or, for example, a room that is very crowded conveys tiredness, and at the same time, a room that is very empty injects people with a sense of emptiness. But in the minimal style, all these things are considered. Of course, this thinking should be created by an expert designer with a detailed analysis of the environment and appropriate design. A neat and orderly design can adjust the light and bustle of an environment according to its size and ultimately convey a sense of peace and beauty to people and the environment.

Thank you dears for reading this article, you saw that we investigated the minimal style in decoration and its features, rules and effects. Now we might be able to persuade you to use the minimal style. Of course, if you are a calm person and away from noise, the best choice for you is this minimal style. It is necessary to mention that no matter how useful the minimal style is, it leaves the final effect when it is specially designed. You can get in touch with the experienced experts of Ohaddeco Group to get more information and advice.

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