Wooden acoustic panel and its types

What is a wooden acoustic panel? Wooden panels that help eliminate extra sounds and improve sound in the environment are called wooden acoustic panels.

Nowadays, one of the concerns of people is to have an environment with enough silence and peace. But there is a problem in today’s homes that has taken away these privileges from people. Thin walls, high noise from the outside environment cause a lot of noise pollution to enter the home environment. Of course, this issue is not limited to homes and this story exists in other work environments as well. What is the solution now? One of the new ways to improve this situation is to use acoustic wooden panels. These panels are used in today’s noisy world to help people have a quiet environment without additional noise. In the term of decoration experts, these panels are called attractive heroes of the space. In this article, we are going to learn about the types of acoustic wooden panels, so stay with us.

Acoustic panel

When most of us hear the word acoustics, we think of an environment that is completely soundproof. But this is not the main purpose of acoustic panels. In fact, the main purpose of these panels is to improve the sound quality and remove noise and additional noises that enter the environment. Suppose you have a music studio. If you are in an environment where the sound has not been improved, even using the most expensive sound systems is not the answer. Or, for example, suppose you come home to rest after a tiring work day. The presence of extra heads will definitely prevent you from resting. The work of acoustic panels is to remove excess noise and bring better sound quality to the environment. But should we use any acoustic panel?

دیوارپوش چوبی و تخت خواب سفید و خاکستری - اوحددکو - white and gray bed and wooden wall covering - ohaddeco
پنل آکوستیک رنگی - اوحددکو - Colored acoustic panel - ohaddeco

Wooden acoustic panel

Acoustic panel should be in such way that it maintains its quality and helps the beauty of the interior decoration. Acoustic panels are produced from wood with a high variety. It is not only wood is used and other materials are also used in making these panels. Among these materials, we can mention leather, MDF and PVC, which we will discuss later. As we said, there is a great variety in acoustic panels. This issue opens the hands of customers and designers in the implementation of acoustic panels in different environments. In the next part of the article, we are going to examine the types of wooden acoustic panels.

Types of wooden acoustic panels

Natural wood panel

First of all, you should know that wood alone cannot be sound insulation, and in fact, if you intend to use wood as sound insulation, you are wrong. Basically, the materials that are used behind the wood and in the form of built-in, give natural wood the sound insulation ability. Trees such as cedar and oak are usually used in the construction of these panels. It is worth mentioning that unfortunately these panels are not a good choice. because over time they lose their quality and freshness due to various factors such as humidity and being eaten by insects.

دیوارپوش چوبی و میز و گلدان قهوه ای - اوحددکو - Wooden wall covering and brown table and vase - ohaddeco

MDF wooden panel

Now it’s time to check the most popular type of wooden acoustic panel. In fact, we can confidently say that among all types of acoustic panels, MDF is the most popular and the best. As the name suggests, it is made entirely of MDF. Beauty and resistance are the features that make this model stand out from the rest. According to their gender, MDF panels show high resistance against factors such as humidity and temperature changes. Also, due to their high resistance, they can be used in various home and office environments.

PVC panel

PVC panel is another type of wooden acoustic panel. This product does not have the quality of the previous two samples, but it usually has a lower and more economical price. Of course, keep in mind that PVC panels can be designed, produced and implemented in different qualities and resistances. Of course, it depends on your opinion what the resistance of this panel should be. For example, there is no need for high resistance in a child’s room, but for example, in a living room or study, due to high traffic, it is better to use panels that have higher resistance. It should be noted that these panels are highly resistant to water and moisture.

پنل پی وی سی رنگی - اوحددکو - colored PVC panel - ohaddeco

But acoustic panels are not limited to the ones you read and have other types such as leather, egg comb, etc. Wood plays an important role in the implementation of other types of acoustic panels. For example, in the implementation of the leather model, you need to use MDF wood as the back of the work.

How much does it cost to implement a wooden acoustic panel?

Of course, it is not possible to determine a fixed and specific price for the implementation of acoustic panels, both wall covering and flooring. The price of a project is determined according to the level of difficulty, the area of ​​the project and most importantly the type and material of the required panel.

Advantages and disadvantages of acoustic panels

Acoustic panels have advantages and disadvantages. Knowing these things will help us to have the best response. Among the advantages that we can mention are sound insulation properties, the resistance of some types of panels against moisture and temperature changes, the resistance of some models against impact, as well as the beauty of the appearance and the variety of designs and colors that complement the decoration of the environment. It helps.

But at the same time, there are also disadvantages that we will address. For example, the natural wood panel is not nature-friendly, which is a very negative point. Or, for example, the type of PVC, considering that plastic plays a role in its production. its release in nature has irreparable consequences. Also, due to the fact that wood plays the main role in making these products, there is also a possibility of fire.

پنل آکوستیک قهوه ای و صندلی های سفید - اوحددکو - Brown acoustic panel and white seats - ohaddeco
پنل آکوستیک قهوه ای و میز و صندلی سفید - اوحددکو - Brown acoustic panel and white table and chairs - ohaddeco

Thank you for accompanying us in this article, as you have seen, we examined the types of wooden acoustic panels. We knew that the use of these panels helps us a lot in dealing with noise pollution, removing extra sounds and improving the sound of the environment. We also checked which model would help both us and nature. Hope this article was helpful. You can contact us for free consultation and communication with the specialists of Ohaddeco Group.

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