Wooden cornice

A wooden cornice is an element that is placed all over the lower parts of the wall and prevents possible damage to the wall.

Today, with the development of the construction and decoration industry, home owners and designers use every element to improve the beauty of the decoration. If you are the owner of the house, you will not spare any effort to achieve this goal. One of these elements that is heavily used by everyone is the cornice. In fact, cornices are elements that are placed at the junction of the wall and the floor of the house. Paying attention to the beauty of these elements can greatly help the beauty of home decoration. But today, in this article, we are going to examine the wooden cornice. Wooden cornices are one of the most widely used cornices. In the following, we will learn more about this element and check its features. So follow us to the end of the article.

Wooden cornice

Among all the parts of the wall, the lower part is most at risk. Dangers such as the collision of the main house, vacuum cleaner, human foot, etc. always threaten the health of the lower part of the wall. Cornices are ready to help homeowners in this regard. As we said, today and in this article we are going to examine wooden cornices. Wooden cornices have many advantages that make us doubt their use. Designability, resistance, beauty, etc. are just some of the advantages of wooden cornices. Of course, the wooden cornice has its supporters and opponents. Some people believe that moisture and being eaten by animals may cause the rapid destruction of the wooden baseboard. On the other hand, some consider the use of wood such as cherry and oak to guarantee the health and durability of the wooden cornice.

Advantages of wooden cornice

As we said, wooden cornice has many advantages. In this section, we are going to examine these features.


We said earlier that the lower parts of the wall are always exposed to unwanted impacts such as footfalls, vacuum cleaners, household appliances, etc. Wooden cornices with proper thickness and correct use prevent these blows. This application is different according to the type of cornices.

The beauty of the decoration

We mentioned earlier that the wooden cornice has a high level of design. You should also know that the wooden baseboard, because it is made entirely of natural wood, has the ability to implement various shapes on it using a CNC machine. Also, these cornices have the possibility to be made in beautiful and diverse colors and designs and can be used to improve the interior decoration of different parts of the house such as bedroom, living room, reception hall and even in office environments.

Prevent of dust

As you know, cornices can make a 90 degree angle with the wall and the floor. In this way, there is also a distance in this angle. This makes the dust in the wall or floor of the house not penetrate to the junction of the wall and the floor and does not create difficult conditions for cleaning.

Covering defects

If you pay attention, there are always defects at the junction of the wall and the floor. These defects sometimes create an ugly effect. These defects can be easily covered by using a wooden cornice. Also, nowadays some people make useful use of the presence of cornices and pass many wires and cables through the space behind the cornices to add another feature to these elements.

Prevent moisture penetration

You must have seen that sometimes many people use a lot of water to wash the floor. Water reaching the walls easily causes the wall to become damp and easily pulls up all the water and moistens other parts of the wall as well. The use of cornices makes the water stay in the same part and cannot penetrate the body of the wall.

دیوار و کفپوش قهوه ای - اوحددکو - brown wall and flooring - ohaddeco
دیوار خاکستری و کفپوش قهوه ای - اوحددکو - gray wall and brown flooring - ohaddeco
قرنیز چوبی قهوه ای - اوحددکو - brown wooden cornice - ohaddeco

How to implement a wooden cornice

Of course, the implementation of each cornice model is different from another. Glue, nails, screws and sand and cement mortars are among the things that are used to implement cornices. But there are different ways to implement the wooden cornice. Each decoration specialist chooses different ways. But in general and according to the properties of wood, you can use special glues or even screws. This is the reason that removing and replacing the wooden cornice is not a difficult task and there is no need to damage other parts of the decoration to replace them. In general, it brings a cheap replacement for us.

Choosing the right wooden cornice

Choosing the right model of the wooden cornice depends on following factors. One of these factors that should be observed is matching the color of the cornice with the floor. Whether ceramic is used on the floor or wooden flooring. At the same time, there should usually be a small contrast between the color of the cornice and the color of the wall or wallpaper. The decoration style is another important factor that affects your choice. For example, if you use a minimal style in the environment, it is better to use shorter and lighter colored cornices. But in classic and modern styles, it is better that the height of the cornice is higher and its color becomes darker. Using a wooden cornice with a higher height has a great impact on the interior decoration.

اتاق نشیمن با دیوارهای خاکستری - اوحددکو - living room with gray wall - ohaddeco
قرنیز رنگی - اوحددکو - colored cornice - ohaddeco

Price of wooden cornice

Maybe now and by reading the above, you have been inspired to use wooden baseboards in your home or office. Usually, the price of an element has a great influence on the audience’s decision. However, it is not possible to determine a fixed price for a wooden cornice, but it can be said that the final price is different according to the size of the project area and the type of wood and the designs required for implementation. But in general, wooden baseboards usually have a higher price than PVC, MDF, plastic and some stone and ceramic baseboards. The reason is the use of natural and high-quality wood to make the wooden cornice. Fans of this style of cornices believe that the beauty, quality and high resistance of this type of cornice is worth spending.

Thank you for accompanying us in this article, you saw that we investigated the wooden cornice and its uses in interior decoration. We also learned the uses of this popular and widely used product and knew which style of cornice should be used in which place. We hope this article was useful for you. Ohaddeco Group, the manufacturer of all kinds of cornices, is ready to help you with the design, production and implementation of the most beautiful and high-quality cornices, considering your needs. You can contact the consultants and experts of the collection to get more information and get free advice about the wooden cornice.

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