Complementary elements in modern decoration

Modern decoration style, using certain principles, is a suitable choice to remove people from tensions and present a special beauty to the environment, for this purpose, it is necessary to use complementary elements such as wooden elements.

In today’s busy and tense world, everyone needs environments where they can escape from these tensions for a few hours. Bedrooms, living rooms, office halls, bathrooms, reception halls, etc., are among the most important environments in which people travel a lot nowadays. Modern decoration is a suitable and smart solution to improve the decoration of these environments. Relying on the specific principles of its arrangement, this style can have positive effects on people’s mentality when they are in indoor environments. Today, in this article, we are going to fully introduce modern decoration and complementary elements of this style. So don’t miss this article and follow us till the end.

modern decoration

Modern decoration is a popular and efficient style in interior design, which is based on simplicity, efficiency and beauty. This style was formed at the beginning of the 20th century and offers a minimal and practical space in contrast to the extra luxuries and decorations of the classic styles.

The principles of modern decoration can include the following:

Straight and geometric lines: in modern decoration, straight and geometric lines are used in the design of furniture, walls and other decorative elements. This creates a quiet and orderly space and induces a sense of spaciousness and grandeur.

Neutral colors: Neutral colors such as white, black, gray and beige are the basic colors in modern decoration. These colors create a calm and stylish atmosphere and are easily matched with other colors and decorative elements.

Natural materials: The use of natural materials such as wood, metal, glass and stone in the design of space and furniture is one of the distinctive features of modern decoration. These materials give a sense of warmth and intimacy to the space and are durable and long-lasting.

Lighting: Proper lighting plays a key role in modern decoration. The use of natural and artificial light correctly can make the space look more open and highlight decorative elements beautifully.

Minimalism: in modern decoration, emphasis is placed on the use of essential accessories and avoiding additional decorations. This creates a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and focuses on the inherent beauty of the decorative elements.

In general, this style of decoration is an ideal idea for people who are looking for a stylish, practical and calm space. This style is also suitable for small spaces, because by using the right elements, you can use the maximum available space.

Tips for implementing modern decoration

When choosing furniture, look for pieces that are simple, stylish and functional.

Use neutral colors as the base color and add spirit and freshness to the space with complementary colors.

Use natural materials such as wood, metal, glass and stone in space and furniture design.

Use the right lighting to make the space brighter and highlight the decorative elements.

Throw away the extra decorations and focus on the inherent beauty of the decorative elements.

Using sound and heat insulating wall coverings and wooden floors can be a smart choice.

The effect of wood on the beauty of modern decoration

Wood, a natural and ancient element, has always had a special place in interior design and has been used in different styles of decoration. In modern decoration, wood as a warm, beautiful and practical element plays a bold role and gives the space a sense of intimacy, peace and authenticity. In the following, we are going to discuss some of the effects of the beautiful element of wood in modern decoration. Stay with us.

Unique texture and color: Wood, with its natural and diverse veins and colors, gives unique beauty to modern decoration. The use of wooden elements along with smooth and geometric lines and neutral colors common in modern decoration creates an attractive contrast and variety and makes the space out of monotony.

Creating a warm and intimate space: wood instills a sense of warmth and intimacy into the space and creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Using wooden furniture, wooden floors or even small wooden accessories can add warmth and invitingness to your modern decoration.

The ability to adapt to different styles: the variety of wood colors and designs makes it an ideal material for modern decorations with different tastes. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a minimal and simple space or looking for a classic and stylish decoration, wood can help you achieve your desire.

Advantages of wood in modern decoration

Wood is a very durable and resistant material and can remain in your decoration for many years. Wooden furniture and accessories are resistant to impact and wear and are easy to clean.

Wood is a flexible element that can be made into different shapes. This allows interior designers to use wood in creating creative and unique ideas for modern decoration.

Wood is a renewable and environmentally friendly material. Using wood in decoration helps to preserve natural resources and the planet.

The importance of modern decoration in today's busy world

In today’s busy and fast-paced world, more than ever we need a quiet space and a sanctuary to rejuvenate. Modern decoration can help us achieve this peace and comfort by providing a quiet, efficient and beautiful space. Research has shown that modern decoration can have a positive effect on people’s mental health. Neutral colors and smooth geometric lines in this style help reduce stress and anxiety. Also, proper lighting and the use of natural materials such as wood and plants can create a sense of peace and intimacy in the space. In addition, modern decoration can help increase people’s concentration and efficiency by providing a quiet space free of additional decorations. This is especially important for people who work or study at home.

Modern decoration is not only useful for mental health and efficiency, but also creates a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere. The use of stylish and modern furniture, attractive colors and special decorative elements can add to the beauty of your home and make it a pleasant place to live and relax. In general, if you are looking for comfort, efficiency and beauty in your home, modern decoration can be an ideal choice for you.

Complementary elements of modern decoration

But in order to improve the decoration of the interior in a modern style, it is necessary to use a series of elements as a supplement. In the following, we will introduce these elements. Stay with us.

Wooden acoustic wall covering

Many of you must know that one of your most important concerns is the noise of the outside environment, which has robbed you of the peace and comfort you need when you enter the indoor environment. To prevent this issue, decoration experts have created an element that, in addition to peace and silence, will give a special beauty to your desired environment. Wooden acoustic wall covering is a special and attractive element for special people, which is installed on the interior walls and in addition to the special beauty they give to the environment, they can act well as a sound and heat insulator. These wall coverings are made of three layers of natural wood, high-quality felt and high-quality and imported MDF.

As an exclusive manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of wooden acoustic wall coverings, Ohadeco Collection is ready to receive your orders to buy this product. You can contact us for more information and free consultation.

Wooden thermowall

Let’s first get acquainted with the word thermo itself. Thermowall is a process of absorbing the heat of the earth, which produces natural heat through modern technologies. This process not only uses renewable resources but also minimizes harmful environmental effects. In recent decades, the use of thermowall wooden wall covering has been considered as a new solution for producing clean and sustainable energy. This technology is based on the use of the earth’s heat and has many positive effects in energy production. The positive effects of this element on the environment have made it known as a bio-friendly product in the world. It is also used in various industries. The main field of use of thermowall is related to the field of construction and decoration, especially the production of wall and floor coverings.

By installing on the wall, thermowalls can act as a quality heat insulator to a large extent. Also, some types of thermowall can also be sound insulation by adding other properties. Ohaddeco collection is ready to meet people’s demand in this matter by providing quality thermowalls. For more information, please contact us.


As a natural element, plants give freshness and freshness to the modern space. You can use natural flower pots or indoor plants in the corners of your house. There are many benefits of using houseplants in the home environment, which we are going to examine in this section. First of all, you should know that indoor plants purify the air in the house by absorbing harmful gases and producing oxygen. But let’s get a little into the psychology of color. Green is a soft and soothing color. Studies have shown that herbs can reduce stress and anxiety. As a result, plants can help increase concentration and learning. But another thing you should know is that indoor plants increase air humidity by evaporating water. As a result, plants can give beauty and freshness to your home.

Carpets and furniture

Carpet can act as a focal point in modern decoration and create a warm and intimate atmosphere. When choosing a carpet for modern decoration, look for simple and minimal designs and colors. Geometric or neutral colored rugs are an ideal choice for this style.

Also, nowadays, many people have turned to using all kinds of furniture in indoor environments. Choosing the right furniture with modern decoration style can give a special effect to the environment. Generally, decoration design experts recommend that people use minimal style furniture in modern decoration style as much as possible so that they can have an optimal and beautiful space.

Board and photo

In an internal environment, there are elements that must exist by default. It doesn’t matter whether you enter an office environment, bedroom, living room, restaurant or any other environment. What is common among all these environments is the use of boards and photo frames. We don’t say that it exists in all environments, but we can confidently say that we see these elements in ninety percent of environments. Paintings and pictures can add character and soul to your modern decoration. When choosing paintings and photos, look for works that match the overall style of your decoration. You can use paintings, family photos or your favorite movie and music posters.


The use of proper lighting plays a key role in modern decoration. In addition to general lighting, you can use decorative lamps, lampshades and wall lights to create a dramatic and attractive atmosphere. Note that a correct lighting can increase the focus on the beauty of your decoration, and at the same time, an incorrect lighting will destroy all the beauty.

We knew that modern decoration, considering the daily conditions of human life, can be a suitable solution to improve the mental condition of people who are affected by many tensions in front of external factors. Thank you for joining us in this article. We hope that the information provided in this article will be useful for you. As a specialized producer of wooden acoustic wall coverings and wooden thermowalls, Ohaddeco Group is ready to provide services to the esteemed applicants. You can contact our experts to get more information and place an order for these beautiful wooden products.

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