Decoration of small houses

Today, many people are experiencing living in tiny houses. For this reason, special attention should be paid to the decoration of these houses. In this article, we are going to learn more about how to design small houses.

All of us, living in today’s societies, see that as time passes, the size of houses decreases. With this happening, it becomes more difficult for the house owners to arrange the house. Maybe you too, after spending a hard day in the work and city environments, when you return to your home, you get confused and nervous because of the clutter and clutter of your home. Or maybe you will enjoy being in your home by watching an environment with a suitable arrangement and there will be no mental fatigue. What is the solution now? Today, in this article, we are going to examine the arrangement and decoration of small houses. So stay with us until the end of the article.

Decoration of small houses

Today, many people are experiencing living in tiny houses. But finally, people have to deal with this issue somehow. How? With detailed and principled design of home decoration style. A detailed and principled design done by a durational design specialist should allow you to make the most of the minimal space. For this to happen, some principles must be followed. It means to use a special decoration style. Observe some factors to make the space look bigger. But what style is better to use? What should the other factors of decoration be in order to make the house look bigger? We will answer all questions in the following sections.

Small house decoration style

You may be familiar with different styles of architecture and interior design. The most used styles in interior design are minimal and modern styles. They are classic. The classic style is generally used in a large environment. So it is not interesting to use it in small houses. Modern style also sometimes requires the use of large elements, because the use of large elements in a small environment causes the space to be cramped. So the best style for interior decoration is minimal style. In this style, you avoid using unnecessary elements. By using the combination of different colors and elements, you have the possibility to make the space appear bigger. Minimal style has a great effect on the mental and mental peace of a person.

مبلمان سفید در خانه های کوچک - اوحددکو - white furniture in small houses - ohaddeco
مبلمان مشکی و نورپردازی در خانه های کوچک - اوحددکو - black furniture and lighting in small houses - ohaddeco

Small house lighting

In fact, lighting can be considered the most important element in the decoration industry. Now, what is the interior decoration and what is the exterior decoration. A basic and suitable lighting has the ability to help the visual effect of the work as much as possible. Also, a suitable lighting can make the space seem bigger. In addition to the points mentioned, correct lighting does not cause people’s eyes to tire. But in small houses, how is the lighting? We said that in these spaces, the space should be used as much as possible. First of all, you should know that using large chandeliers is not appropriate at all. That means you have to use small built-in lamps.

Colors in small houses

Colors play a key role in our daily life. So you should pay attention to their correct use. In the design and implementation of decoration, special importance is given to the psychology of colors. The use of colors plays an important role in small houses. Knowing what colors to use and where is a big step towards having an attractive environment. Always, the use of bright colors and neutral colors has a special effect on the appearance of your home. Using these colors will make your home look bigger. Also, in minimal designs, these colors are used the most. So do not underestimate the use of such colors as white, gray, etc.

مبلمان سفید و مشکی و میز قهوه ای - اوحددکو - black and white furniture and brown table - ohaddeco
مبلمان سفید و میز قهوه ای در خانه - اوحددکو - white furniture and brown table in home - ohaddeco

Small house furniture

One of the items that can be found in most of our homes today is small and large furniture. But our current discussion is related to small house furniture. We said that in these houses it is better to use furniture that does not occupy much space. If you intend to use a minimal style, it is better to use sports furniture and chairs. But sometimes there are better offers. Nowadays, with the progress of the home decoration design industry, sofas are designed that have different functions. Among these features, we can mention the folding and flatness of these couches. So if this possibility is available to you, using these elements can also create a good experience.

Decoration of different parts of small houses


The bedroom is one of the most important parts of Otto’s house, in fact, mentally and intellectually, the bedroom is the safest place for people. Therefore, special importance should be given to this part. In these environments, you should know that you should not use beds, desks and large wardrobes in the room. Do not forget to use the wall closet. Usually, in the construction of new houses, a lot of attention is paid to the implementation of wall closets. So its use plays an important role. To know more about this, you can refer to the bedroom decoration article.

اتاق خواب کوچک با تخت خواب کرمی و پرده قهوه ای - اوحددکو - small bedroom with cream bed and brown curtain - ohaddeco
آشپزخانه کوچک با کابینت های سفید و کرمی - اوحددکو - small kitchen with white and brown cabinets - ohaddeco


You know that the kitchen is the heart of the house. So paying attention to its design and decoration is very important. It is usually recommended to use warm colors in these places. Among these colors, we can mention red, orange, yellow and similar colors. But we said that it is better to use neutral colors in small houses. What should be done in this situation? You can use a combination of warm colors and neutral colors. Also, in relation to the elements in the kitchen, you should avoid having extra items as much as possible and only place useful items in the access area and put the rest in the cabinets. In this way, there is no more clutter in the kitchen.

living room

Another important part of the house, the decoration of which is particularly important, is the living room. It can be said that the living room is the most used and frequented part of the house. But the living room of small houses is also small. Therefore, its decoration should be designed in such a way that it is easy to pass and pass during these visits or even when holding a party and does not bother anyone. There are factors for living room decoration that we mentioned earlier. Among them, we can mention the use of sporty and smaller furniture, painting with neutral colors and basic lighting. Doing these things, in addition to making optimal use of space, helps to make the space look bigger.

اتاق نشیمن کوچک با تم سفید - اوحددکو - small living room with white theme - ohaddeco

In addition to thanking you, dear companions, in this article, as you have seen, we examined the decoration of small houses and its different parts. We also checked what factors need to be observed so that we can use the space optimally. Knowing the above, you can now make good use of its different spaces despite having a small house. Hope this article can be useful for you. You can contact Ohaddeco experts and specialists for free advice in the field of decoration.

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