Types of green walls and how to implement them

The green wall is one of the most beautiful elements that we use in decoration. In this article, let's talk about the types of green walls.

The green wall is one of the most attractive elements that can be used in interior and exterior decoration. In the past, we got to know about it in an article titled Green Wall. Also, in an article titled hydroponic green wall, we got acquainted with one of the most widely used types of green wall. At first, to introduce the green wall, it is better to say that the green wall is a plant structure that is installed on the wall. It is also called a vertical garden. This structure has a great impact on improving various decorations and also contributes greatly to the diversity of urban furniture in a region. In the continuation of this article, we are going to examine the types of green walls and how to install and implement them together, as well as examine their different features.

Types of green wall

Hydroponic green wall

One of the most popular types of green wall is where the soil is completely removed. In this system, plants are grown in water and special minerals. Cultivating plants in this system costs more, but it also has a higher yield. In this system, we first specify the built-in space for implementing the green wall. The pipes of this system are made with a suitable and desired pattern, the spiral type of which is generally used. After the plumbing, we choose the desired plants that are suitable for growing in the environment. To run a hydroponic system, we need a water pump that pumps the water up and delivers it to the pipes. On the body of the tubes, there are holes where the plant grows. Note that water alone is not enough and minerals must be added to it in sufficient quantity.

دیوار سبز هیدروپونیک یکی از انواع دیوار سبز - اوحددکو - Hydroponic green wall is one of the types of green wall - ohaddeco
یکی از رایج ترین انواع دیوار سبز یعنی مدولار با رنگ قهوه ای و سبز - اوحددکو - One of the types of green wall is modular with brown and green color - ohaddeco

Modular green wall

But let’s go to another best type of green wall. Modular green wall. You may have seen this system many times. The main pillar and body of this green wall is scaffolding. The scaffolding is mainly made of galvanized steel. These structures can be used on the wall or as an independent structure. The advantage of this type of green wall is that you can give it any shape you like. It is better to use climbing plants in the modular system so that they grow according to the type of structure formation. continue with the same vegetative movement model. The roots of the plants used in this system grow in the lower part of the structure.

Polymer felt green wall

Now it’s time to introduce and review one of the most beneficial types of green walls. In the polymer felt green wall, first the main frame with the desired shape is implemented and then the felt fabrics that have the ability to drain are installed on the infrastructure frames. These fabrics should be installed in such a way that one or more plants can be placed facing upwards on them. Then the desired plant is made in these chambers. The positive feature of this type of green wall is that plants can be replaced easily. Also, in addition to the lightness of the structure, various plants can be implemented on it.

دیوار سبز نمد پلیمری با گلدان های سبز رنگ - اوحددکو - Green polymer felt wall with green pots - ohaddeco
دیوار سبز کابلی با برگ های سبز رنگ و فنس نازک - اوحددکو - Green cable wall with green leaves on the fence - ohaddeco

Cable green wall

If you need the plants you use to grow fast, this method is very suitable. The main tool for implementing this structure is the stainless steel hubs that are the place where the cables pass. These hubs have the ability to stretch and contract the cables. In fact, the best tool that can be used to protect cables is these hubs. In this system, you can design and implement your desired plan for the structure. Then we place the desired plants on it, either in the form of pots or in the form of twisting around the structure. Watering the plants in this system does not bother you much and it is a simple task, but changing the plants is a bit complicated due to the shape of the location of the connection point of the cables.

Grid green wall

One of the evolved green wall systems is green wall types. In fact, this system can be considered an evolved version of the cable green wall. The framing of this type of green wall is connected to the wall or body of the building. Due to the use of nets in the body of this structure, it has higher flexibility. This advantage allows us to give our desired shape easily. Of course, keep in mind that the growth of plants in a grid system is slower and if you want to use it, you must provide more support for it.

یکی از انواع مختلف دیوار سبز که کوچک است و شبکه ای نام دارد - اوحددکو - One of the different types of green wall, which is small and called a grid - ohaddeco

Which green wall is better to use?

Different types of green walls can be suitable for different tastes according to their capabilities. For example, if you plan to design and implement a strange shape for your green wall, it is better to use the cable or network type. Or, for example, if you plan to replace the plants on the green wall at short intervals, it is better to use polymer felt. The most modern and cleanest type of green wall is the hydroponic green wall, where there is no soil and soil diseases have been eliminated. Also, artificial green walls are also used today, in which soil and water are removed and they can easily maintain their quality and freshness for a long time. You should use the right type according to your lifestyle and tastes.

Implementation of various types of green walls

The implementation of different types of green walls has its own principles, which you can see in the form of a list below.

Choosing the right wall

Special application in the implementation of the green wall

Choosing the right green wall system by measuring the conditions

Choosing plants suitable for growth and development in that system

Suitable irrigation with any type of green wall system

یک گرین وال بزرگ کار شده بر روی دیوار با نورپردازی زیبا و یک دیوار تمام پنجره - اوحددکو - A large green wall with lighting and a full wall of windows - ohaddeco

The price of each green wall model

As you read in the previous parts, the types of green walls can have variable prices according to the materials used in their constructions. Also, according to the size of the area where the green wall should be implemented, the price of green walls changes. You can contact the consultants of Ohodko Group for more detailed information about the price of green walls.

In this article, we examined the types of green walls and their characteristics. As you know, decoration work is a specialized matter and it requires the presence of an expert. For example, in the implementation of this green wall, if the necessary points are not followed, it can cause serious damage to the wall. Or, for example, an expert knows what plant density to use in different types of green walls in each climate zone. So do not underestimate the help of an expert. With experienced professionals in the field of decoration design and implementation, Ohaddeco Collection is ready to help and answer your questions and problems.

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