Garden landscaping with artificial green wall

The artificial green wall is a substitute for the natural green wall in decoration and landscaping, which is widely used in decoration.

Maybe you, as a citizen living in today’s busy and bustling world, sometimes need to spend hours in a green and beautiful environment. If you have a garden or a garden among your properties, or if you have the possibility of implementing landscaping procedures in your yard, you must have thought about using a green wall. Today, with the progress of the decoration industry, there are many ways to improve the decoration of different environments. The design and implementation of the green wall is one of these solutions. There are two types of green walls, natural and artificial. Today and in this article, we are going to review the artificial green wall. So stay with us until the end of the article.

green wall

Green wall or vertical garden has become one of the most popular and widely used elements in improving the beauty of interior decoration and even decoration in the decoration and landscaping industry today. These elements give us many benefits. Among them, we can mention air conditioning, visual appeal, environmental sound control, etc. Of course, the types of green walls are divided into several categories, the most popular of which can be introduced as hydroponic green walls and modular green walls. But as we said, the purpose of this article is to introduce the artificial green wall in landscaping. It is true that the artificial green wall can give us as much beauty as the natural type, but the natural green wall has its own place.

What is artificial green wall?

It can be seen from the name. The artificial type is the green wall. This model is very different from the natural type. It has advantages and disadvantages compared to its competitors. You may ask why the artificial green wall? Today, with increasing costs and decreasing time, many cannot afford to have a natural green wall. Now, the artificial green wall replaces the natural type. This element is placed on the wall like the natural type. Considering that these structures are artificial, they can be used anywhere. Among these places, we can mention the garden area, living room, courtyard wall, reception hall, roof garden, etc. This type of green wall is easier to maintain. Of course, the benefits of these objects do not end only in this case. There are many other benefits that we will discuss later.

دیوار سبز مصنوعی و مبلمان قهوه ای - اوحددکو - artificial green wall and brown furniture - ohaddeco

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial green wall

The artificial green wall has advantages and disadvantages compared to the natural type. The advantages of the artificial green wall include the following:

Easy installation and maintenance.

Easy cleaning and washing with a towel and water spray.

No need for irrigation due to soil removal.

No need for horticultural care due to being artificial.

Inducing a sense of calmness and vitality due to its fresh green color.

Elimination of soil diseases due to removal of soil and fertilizer.

Environmental sound control due to materials such as polyethylene and PVC.

But in addition to all the good and practical advantages that have been mentioned, artificial green walls also have disadvantages, which are as follows:

Inability to control and adjust the temperature of the environment.

Not having the natural effect and freshness of plants.

Not having the pleasant smell of natural and fresh plants and leaves.

Forced to replace damaged parts.

Artificial green wall in landscaping

Nowadays, landscaping has become the most important principle in beautifying outdoor spaces. Paying attention to the current landscaping in the yard of the house, the villa area and the garden has a significant effect on the visual appeal of these environments. As you know, the green wall can be installed on vertical walls. The decision to use an artificial green wall is good for people who do not intend to take permanent care of it. If you decide to use these elements on your garden wall, you don’t have to worry about damaging the plants in the cold and heat. You are also relieved that you don’t have to constantly pick the extra leaves, change the fertilizer and soil, and do the watering several times a week. Also, in case of damage to the green wall, you can easily replace it.

اجرای برگ در کنار پارتیشن - اوحددکو - Leaf next to the administrative partition - ohaddeco
دیوار سبز مصنوعی - اوحددکو - artificial green wall - ohaddeco
دیوار سبز مصنوعی و مبلمان اسپرت - اوحددکو - artificial green wall and sport furniture - ohaddeco

Plants used and cost of implementation

The plants in this system are artificial. It is worth mentioning that in the natural green wall it was possible to use many plants and there were no restrictions. So you can prepare the artificial type of your desired plant and install it on the skeleton of the green wall. But regarding the cost of project implementation, it is not possible to propose a fixed and accurate price. The most important factor in determining the price of such a project is its size. As the square footage increases, the required skeleton construction material and artificial plants also increase. The common denominator of these points is the price increase. But considering that this element is completely artificial, it has a lower price than its natural type, so if you are looking for an economic green wall, the artificial green wall is the right choice.

محوطه سازی در رستوران - اوحددکو - landscaping in restaurant - ohaddeco
محوطه سازی در ویلا - اوحددکو - landscaping in villa - ohaddeco

Importance of decoration specialist

Designing an artificial green wall in landscaping is a multi-step process. Therefore, you should not purchase, build and implement this tool without prior designs and without consulting a decoration design specialist. First, you should choose the right wall or walls in your garden area. After that, it’s time to get help from an expert decoration designer. The decoration designer can prepare initial designs for you using design software or even artificial intelligence tools. Then you, as a customer, should choose your desired design from among the designs provided. Then, by doing the necessary infrastructure and buying and assembling parts by a green wall implementation specialist, your artificial green wall is ready and you can enjoy watching it on your garden wall.

It is very important to pay attention to the beauty of the environments that we use to get mental and physical peace. As we mentioned, one of these environments is our personal garden or gardens. We may spend some days of the week relaxing there with our family. Therefore, with this account, special attention should be paid to each and every component of this environment. Of course, not only the green wall is involved in beauty, and other elements such as lighting, urban furniture, etc. are also effective. We at Ohaddeco Group are ready to cooperate with you in the field of interior and exterior decoration design and execution by using expert and creative experts. You can contact us for a free consultation.

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