Urban furniture and its types

Urban furniture is a term in urban planning that includes benches, tables, vases, etc. that are used in the city.

Urban furniture is a term in the urban development industry that includes benches, tables, vases, etc., which are used in cities. In the past articles, we got to know urban furniture in detail and examined its uses and features. As you know, urban furniture has different types like many other industries. Today, in this article, we are going to review the types of urban furniture, so stay with us.

We know that all people in a society need to live in a beautiful and dynamic environment. This is simply possible. Among the people of a society, there are always experts in all walks of life, one of whom is an expert in urban space decoration. An exterior decoration designer should know where to use each element. He should also know how many elements he uses, how many are designed and executed, or what design and color are printed on it.

In the past, we realized that chairs, vehicle stations, elements, roadside gardens, etc., are all part of the urban furniture components. In fact, urban furniture is the most important factor in beautifying outdoor spaces and landscaping. But urban furniture does not end only with these items. It can almost be said that everything you see outside is a part of urban furniture. In the rest of the article, we intend to introduce you to the general category of furniture and introduce you to their examples, so don’t miss the rest of the article.

There are two types of urban furniture: essential and decorative.

Essential urban furniture

It is one of the accessories that are necessary in the urban environment. You can refer to street lights, signs and traffic signs, bus, metro and taxi stations, restrooms, green spaces, chairs and benches on the side of the street and many other things that are abundantly available in the city. You saw that these items were part of the supplies that are necessary to have in the city for a more comfortable life and well-being of the citizens. These devices can be seen in abundance around the city.

پل هوایی سفید رنگ و ماشین در زیر آن در هوای بارانی - اوحددکو

Decorative urban furniture

You may think that there is no decorative furniture in the city, but you are wrong. The most common use of this urban furniture is to beautify the city. For example, in parks, every element or device that is used is done with the purpose of beautification. If you refer to the historical context of your city, you will realize that every device used in that place has a design and theme close to the style of that place. Among other things, he pointed to decorative elements, patterned chairs and benches, special fences and other components.

But as you read in the previous part, urban furniture was divided into two general categories. Now, in this part of the article, we are trying to examine urban furniture in more detail.

All kinds of urban furniture

Street equipment

If you go to the main street of your place, you will notice these things. The most simple and routine member of urban street furniture is street asphalt and sidewalk flooring. Pedestrian bridges are also a good example for this category of urban furniture. Mailboxes and charity can also be good examples. This type of equipment is in the category of essential urban furniture. But with a little creativity and innovation, you can help the beauty of the environment by decorating them.

نرده و حصار دور درختان هم برای زیباییو هم برای حفاظت از درختان با رنگ مشکی - اوحددکو - Fences and fences around trees for beauty and to protect trees - ohaddeco
صندوق پستی مشکی رنگ - اوحددکو - Black mailbox - ohaddeco

Park furniture

We all have the experience of having fun in the park with family or friends. The existence of a park or green space in the city environment is a requirement for beauty and control of air cleanliness. It is better to provide the welfare of citizens by taking care of these environments and placing amenities. For example, the presence of chairs and benches for sitting, toilets and drinking fountains for people’s well-being, Implementing a green wall for the visual appeal of the space and even games for entertainment all help to create a great environment.

مبلمان شهری و نیمکت در فضای سبز کنار دریاچه که دو نفر بر روی آن نشسته اند - اوحددکو - Urban furniture and benches in the green space by the lake - ohaddeco
تاب و سرسره رنگارنگ در پارک و مبلمان شهری اطراف آن - اوحددکو - Colorful swings and slides in the park and urban furniture around it - ohaddeco

Advertising and information

All of you must have come across small and big advertising billboards while crossing the street and highway. In some offices and other environments, you have encountered this issue a lot. You can also see advertising boards in sports halls and environments. Advertisements are part of urban furniture. Some simply run these ads, which are not beautiful. But some give beauty to the paintings with creativity. They increase the attractiveness with beautiful and appropriate lighting.

بیلبورد تبلیغاتی بزرگ زرد رنگ بر روی بدنه ساختمان - اوحددکو - Yellow advertising billboard on the building - ohaddeco
بیلبورد تبلیغاتی کوچک در کنار خیابان - اوحددکو - Advertising billboard on the side of the street - ohaddeco

Traffic signs

One of the most important obligations of any city is traffic signs. This urban furniture is included in the category of essential urban furniture. The use of traffic signs with the right number, as well as the use of beautiful and clean signs, both help to guide drivers and passers-by, and make the city clean and fresh.

علامت راهنمایی ایست برای خودروها که بخشی از مبلمان شهری است - اوحددکو - Traffic sign for cars is a part of urban furniture - ohaddeco
علائم راهنمایی رانندگی در کنار درخت برای هدایت شهروندان - اوحددکو - Traffic signs next to trees to guide citizens - ohaddeco

As a result, with this information, we can introduce urban furniture as the most important beauty factor. In the previous parts of the article, as well as the previous article that was related to the same topic, we mentioned that with the help of a decoration expert, you can choose the best arrangement and elements for use. Correct use of this tool is a good option. But the excessive use of these tools and elements takes beauty and order away from you. These devices and tools are a symbol and here at Ohaddeco Collection, we are ready to accompany you in the design of the environment using the best experts.

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