Acoustic panel price

Acoustic panel is an architectural element that is used to reduce noise pollution and improve interior decoration in closed environments.

Sound is a physical phenomenon caused by the vibration of air molecules. Sound can have many benefits, such as conveying information, creating music, and creating a sense of relaxation. However, noise can also be annoying, especially in closed environments. But what should be done to prevent this nuisance? Noise pollution causes both ourselves and others around us such as neighbors or housemates. Acoustic panels are one of the effective ways to reduce noise pollution in closed environments. These panels help to improve the sound quality in the environment by absorbing or scattering sound waves. In this article, we will examine the price of acoustic panels, types of acoustic panel, advantages and disadvantages of acoustic panel, and suitable places to use acoustic panel. So don’t miss this article.

What is an acoustic panel?

Acoustic panel is a screen or architectural element that is used to reduce noise pollution in closed environments. These panels help to improve the sound quality in the environment by absorbing or scattering sound waves. Imagine working in a crowded and noisy environment in a busy area of ​​the city. With these conditions, can you have the necessary focus to progress? The answer is definitely no. But if you also use these useful and useful elements, you can definitely get enough peace and concentration in any environment. Acoustic panels are made of different materials such as foam and wood. Each type of material has its own acoustic properties. In addition to absorbing sound, these elements also add a certain beauty to the environment. Follow us to learn more.

Advantages of acoustic panel

Reduce noise pollution

The main use of these panels is to reduce noise pollution by eliminating extra sounds. This feature has caused them to be used in many environments such as offices, music studios, cinemas, etc. This issue will provide enough peace for the space and inject a good feeling to the attendees.

The beauty of the decoration

We said that these panels can be made of different materials. In addition, they have the ability to be produced and supplied in different designs and colors. This allows us to use these panels in different decoration styles.

Increase Productivity

Imagine that you have invited a group of friends or family members to your home. Certainly, the production of abnormal sounds by you can annoy the neighbors. But by using the acoustic panel, you don’t allow the sound to escape and you can safely continue to enjoy.

Disadvantages of acoustic panel

cost increase

We said that the acoustic panel can be made of different materials. Knowing this, we know that the price of these panels can change. Of course, there are also economic options. Like PVC acoustic panels. But if you use some other leather models, the cost may increase a little.

Reduce natural light

Acoustic panels are mainly produced and supplied in dark colors. Dark color in interior decoration can significantly reduce the natural light of the space. But we said that these panels can be made in different colors and layouts. Then you won’t have to worry about it.

Types of acoustic panel


Wood has always been one of the most popular elements in the decoration industry. In the discussion of acoustic panels, wood is no exception. Wooden acoustic panels are one of the most widely used types. As the name suggests, these panels are made of wood. Generally, the wood of trees such as oak and walnut is used in their construction. Of course, it is worth noting that wood alone does not have acoustic properties. In fact, the materials that are used in wood as built-in add this property to this panel.


But now it is the turn of MDF acoustic panel. This model is one of the most popular and of course the most expensive types of acoustic panels. Of course, it has advantages over natural wood panels. Like being waterproof and more durable. These panels generally have a higher price than their wooden type. But you should know that using MDF is a once-for-all expense. These panels are of high quality and you will not need to replace them for a long time. Of course, provided that it is well taken care of.


Now let’s go to the review of another one of the most popular models of acoustic panels. PVC panels can actually be introduced as the most economical acoustic panel. You might think to yourself that it must be of low quality and the price is low. But it is never like this. In fact, it is better to say that wooden models are of high quality. In other words, the PVC acoustic panel has a standard quality and is designed to suit the space of the house and room. The advantage that this model has over its family is that it can be produced in a higher range of designs and colors.


One of the most stylish models of acoustic panels. Yes, you read that right. Cherry acoustic panels can be introduced as the most stylish and most expensive model of acoustic panels. Now you might ask, what is the reason for it being the most expensive? In making these panels, first you need large and thick MDF boards and sheets. Then a thick layer of leather is placed on the boards and creates a wonderful element. Generally, this model is mostly used in office and official environments.


Have you ever been to a music studio? Or have you seen the image of such an environment? If your answer is yes, you have definitely seen wall coverings that are more like egg combs in this environment. These are exactly the foam acoustic panels. Of course are mostly known as egg comb foams. These panels are not produced in special designs and are mostly similar to egg combs, but if you wish, you can order and use them in various colors.

The right place to use the acoustic panel

At first, we must say that acoustic panels are specially designed for use in interior decoration. Keep in mind that these products should not be used in humid environments such as bathrooms and toilets. But you are not limited to use in other environments. Bedroom, living room, reception hall, office, cinema, restaurant and many other places are environments where acoustic panels can be used. Keep in mind that you should choose the right panel according to the type of environment. You can do this both with the help of the designer and with the help of artificial intelligence tools.

Acoustic panel price

The price of an acoustic panel varies depending on various factors, including the type of panel, the dimensions of the panel, the quality of the material used, and the manufacturer’s brand. This means that it is not possible to specify a specific price for this element, the price of these panels varies from several hundred thousand tomans to several million tomans. But if you generally want to know the comparison between the prices of different types, read on. According to the explanations given in the previous sections, we can conclude that the leather acoustic panel is the most expensive. After that, wooden panels and MDF can be placed. Economic options are also PVC panels and egg comb foams. Keep in mind that egg comb foams are not suitable for every place, but you can use the PVC model in different parts of the house.

Acoustic panels are an effective tool to reduce noise pollution in closed environments. These panels have many advantages that we reviewed together. By knowing the above, you can succeed in having an extra quiet and peaceful environment. Please note that before buying the desired product, you must take the help of a decoration design expert. We are ready to help you here at Ohaddeco Group with experienced professionals. You can contact us for ordering and free consultation.

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