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Thermowall wall covering is a moisture-proof and heat-resistant element that can be used in indoor and outdoor environments to create a beautiful and relaxing environment.

Thermowall wall covering is a beautiful element in exterior and interior decoration, which can help us in having a relaxing environment due to its positive features such as sound insulation, heat insulation and moisture resistance. In addition to the things mentioned, these elements can convey the natural beauty of wood to the environment due to the fact that thermo wood is used in their construction. Today, in this article, we are going to fully introduce and review thermowall wall covering. So don’t miss this article and follow us till the end.

What is Thermowall?

Thermowall wall covering is a type of modern covering that is made of thermo wood (heated wood) and is placed on the wall to show high resistance against moisture, impact and physical damage and preserves the beauty and quality of life in the environment. The main popularity of this element in interior decoration is due to its ability to maintain the ambient temperature. Thermowall wall covering can act as a good thermal insulation and prevent energy wastage. The special properties of this element have led to widespread use of thermowall wall covering in many environments such as offices, bedrooms, living rooms and reception halls. In addition to all the features mentioned, thermowalls with their natural and stunning beauty can be used in different decoration styles and help to increase the attractiveness and beauty of the environment.

As the largest thermowall wallcovering distribution center in 2024, Ohaddeco Collection is ready to receive your orders to buy this widely used product.

Advantages of using thermowall wall covering

Now that we have gotten a brief introduction to this element, let’s get to know it a little more and examine its benefits. Stay with us.

We said earlier that thermowall wall covering has a high resistance to moisture, heat and other physical damages such as impact, pressure or scratches. The set of these features has made this element to be usable for a longer period of time, and its long life is a good reason why people who use thermowall don’t have to think about replacing it for a long time.

We know that thermowall wall covering has a high resistance to moisture. This feature allows you to clean them easily with washing liquids. In addition, in case of moisture penetration from the back parts to the wall, thermowalls show resistance against moisture and do not allow an inappropriate effect to be added to the environment.

If we take a look at the psychology of color, we see that it is highly recommended to use wooden elements in interior and exterior decoration. Due to its beautiful shape, wood can help induce a sense of peace in the environment and also has the ability to be used in different styles of decoration.

One of the most important concerns of people when buying various decoration elements, especially wooden elements, is the price of that element. But is the price of thermowall wall covering suitable? Considering the features mentioned in the previous sections, these wall coverings have a very economical price and will make you not have to worry about replacing them for a long time.

Thermowall wall covering price

Ohaddeco Group operates as a specialized producer of wooden wall coverings such as thermowall wall coverings and wooden acoustic wall coverings. By buying this decoration product from a specialized manufacturer, you can save a lot of money. Thermowall wall coverings of Ohaddeco collection are produced in dimensions of 63cm x 280cm and their price ranges from 980,000 tomans to 1,580,000 tomans. Dear ones, you can contact the experts of Ohaddeco collection to get free advice and get more information about this product.

Reducing energy consumption with thermowall wooden wall covering

By entering the summer and winter seasons, at the same time as enduring extreme heat and cold, one of the concerns of people is to think of measures to prevent energy wastage. This waste of energy can be done in different ways, such as the entry of heat and high temperature into indoor environments where we use refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Also, in the cold seasons of the year, when the fireplace, heater or heater are heating the environment, cold penetration into the indoor environment can cause a large amount of energy to be wasted. Considering all these things, it is possible to prevent these events from happening by using a special element. The use of thermowall wooden wall covering can help to cover all the holes of the wall completely and the temperature of the environment does not change.

The use of thermo wood in the construction of thermowall wooden wall covering has become a reason to reduce the need to heat or cool the building, reducing the possibility of having dry and unpleasant air in the environment.

Thermowall panel, environmentally friendly

Nowadays, with the expansion of urban life, property owners need to take a step towards designing and building houses according to the principles of green architecture by using different methods. Using thermowall wooden wall covering is also one of the best ways to help the environment. These elements help to reduce the energy consumption in the building, as well as prevent the emission of greenhouse gases and increase the need to use fossil fuels, so that there is less damage to the surrounding environment. In addition, because it is made of natural wood, Thermowall wooden wall covering does not harm the environment at the end of its life and is easily recycled to become another element for use elsewhere.

Interesting ideas of using thermowall wall panels

We said before that due to the design, color and beauty of thermowall wall coverings, we have the possibility to use them in different styles of decoration. But do you think it is better to install these elements in which parts of the environment? Stay with us in the rest of this section so that we can find the answer to this question together.

Thermowall on the wall behind the TV

Today, most people use large and modern televisions in their homes. But have you noticed that many people pay little attention to the space around the TV? For this reason, it is better to use a series of elements or accessories in this space to add more beauty to the environment. Using thermowall wallcovering on the wall behind the TV can add a special beauty to the environment. Note that by adding a little creativity such as a special lighting around the thermowall behind the TV, you can double its appeal and eye-catching.


You all know the importance of bedroom decoration. The bedroom, as the first and most important safe shelter for humans, should have an arrangement that can help instill a sense of peace in people. Using thermowall wooden wall covering in the bedroom, in addition to helping to maintain the temperature of the environment, allows you to enjoy relaxing in this beautiful environment. It doesn’t matter if you intend to decorate a child’s room, a girl’s bedroom, a bride and groom’s room, or a teenage boy’s bedroom, in any case, using these wall coverings can be a smart choice on your part.


Small and large business owners know better than anyone the importance of having a stylish and prestigious environment. This is enough for these people to think about using the most stylish and luxurious decoration elements in their work environment. Choosing thermowall as a wall covering in offices can give a special effect to this environment. Having a beautiful and relaxing decoration in office environments can play a special role in increasing the efficiency of employees as well as increasing customers.

restaurant and coffee shop

Restaurants and coffee shops, as busy environments, need to use quality elements in their decoration. In addition, due to the fact that different people come to this place every day, the owners of these businesses need to change the layout of their restaurant or coffee shop according to the professional and modern principles of decoration. Using thermowall wall covering can create a warm and intimate atmosphere in such environments and induce a sense of intimacy and peace to the people present there. If you are the owner of such businesses, do not underestimate the use of wooden thermowall.

Reception halls and living rooms

The reception hall and the living room are places where family or close friends are present and spend happy hours together. For this reason, you should think of a series of solutions to help instill a sense of intimacy and enthusiasm in people. We said before that using wooden elements is a smart way to induce these feelings to people. The same is true in the reception halls and living rooms. By using thermowall wooden wall covering in these environments, you can play a special role in creating a warm and intimate atmosphere for holding large and small parties.

Thermowall wall covering in external decoration

The beautiful exterior decoration is not less important than the design of interior decoration, and in the design of exterior environments, elements that are useful in addition to adding beauty to the environment should also be used. But according to the explanations given, is it possible to use thermowall wall covering in external environments? The answer to this question is positive. The use of thermowall wooden wall covering in outdoor environments such as balconies, roof gardens or even courtyards and garden areas can give a special effect to the environment. Considering that these elements are made of thermo wood, they have a high resistance against moisture and heat, which makes it possible to use these elements in external environments. As a result, if you are at a dead end in choosing the right element for the wall of the aforementioned environments, you can take advantage of this wonderful student.

Dear friends, if you need advice on the use of thermowall in external environments, you can contact the experts and decoration design specialists of Ohaddeco collection every day of the week and benefit from the professional advice of our colleagues.

Thermowall installation training

One of the important advantages of thermowalls is that they can be installed quickly and easily, but keep in mind that the installation of these elements requires the expertise of a decoration expert. In the future, stay with us to briefly teach the step-by-step installation of thermowall.

Substructure and leveling of the wall surface

The first and most important step in installing thermowall wooden wall panels is the foundation. You need to install these elements on a completely flat surface so that you can see the longer life of the thermowall. Note that if the bottom surface of these elements is not smooth and has large unevenness, then these unevenness will spread to the panels themselves and will reduce the lifespan of the thermowall wall covering.

Measuring and cutting Thermowall wall covering

In the second step, you must first determine the dimensions of the wall accurately and using high-precision meters, and then proceed to cut the thermowall wall covering according to the numbers. It should be noted that this step requires more precision and finesse so that you can deliver a cleaner work.

Installation of panels

In the third step, you must accurately install the cut panels on the surface of the wall. The installation of these panels can be done using small nails and screws of the same color or using special adhesives.


The final step in installing thermowall wall covering is sealing these panels. You must cover the open space between the panels completely using a special adhesive so that these wall coverings can show their performance as well as possible. Note that if you need an expert in the installation of these elements, you can count on the help of Ohaddeco collection.

Thank you for joining us in this article. As you have seen, in this article, we have introduced 0 to 100 thermowall wall coverings and we have also examined the advantages, efficiency and installation training of these elements together. We know that thermowall wall covering is made of thermo wood and can be resistant to moisture, heat and other physical damages and besides these things, it adds a special beauty to the environment. We hope that the information presented in this article was useful for you. As a producer and the largest distribution center of thermowall wallcoverings, Ohaddeco Group is ready to receive your orders and free advice for purchasing this product. For more information, please contact us.

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