What is virtual sky?

The virtual sky is a false ceiling on which various designs are implemented and installed on the ceiling, giving it a beautiful effect.

Maybe you have the experience of watching a beautiful spring morning or an attractive autumn sunset. You may have ever wondered if it is possible to have such a view in your home and on the roof of the house? Nowadays, with the day by day progress of the decoration industry, it is not impossible to reach the demands. The virtual sky is one of the creations of decoration designers to create a pleasant atmosphere in the home or other environments. The use of virtual sky in many environments such as girls bedrooms, game clubs, cinemas, restaurants, etc. has a great impact on the beauty of the decoration. If you are also eager to learn more about this element, stay tuned till the end. Today, in this article, we are going to fully examine the virtual sky.

What is virtual sky?

In fact, the virtual sky is a kind of false ceiling and the design on it, like its name, is a design of the sky. Of course, it is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to have an image of the sky engraved on these roofs. These elements are called virtual sky because they are performed on the ceiling. According to your taste, you can use images such as sky, mountain, sea, forest, etc. We said that there is no limit to using the virtual sky and you can use it in many environments. By using this high technology that exists in the printing industry, many designs can be implemented on these false ceilings. This issue makes it possible to print different designs and roles and implement them according to the environment. Environments such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, reception hall, etc.

The effect of virtual sky in interior decoration

In interior decoration, the color and design of all elements should be in harmony with other elements. As we said before, false ceilings become a virtual sky by accepting different designs. Now you can use these elements according to the style of your home decoration. Whether modern style, or classic and minimal. In any case, by adding a little creativity, you can benefit from these beauties in the decoration of your desired environment.

Components of the virtual sky

False ceiling structure

To implement the virtual sky, in the first step, you should think about the installation of the structure of this element. The false ceiling tiles and panels are placed on this structure and remain. Using a high-quality structure may have a higher price, but it also has more durability and beauty.


One of the most important elements in decoration is proper lighting. With the right lighting, you may be able to make an ugly work look beautiful. At the same time, with an unprincipled lighting, you can easily make a beautiful work of art look ugly. The same thing is true in the implementation of the virtual sky. Proper lighting in the performance of this work can make things look beautiful in a different way. So do not underestimate the importance of lighting.


Now it is the turn of the main part of the virtual sky. The tiles of this false ceiling are ready to be executed by accepting the customer’s desired designs. By placing these tiles on the false ceiling structure, they inject a certain splendor and pleasantness into the environment. Keep in mind that the more tiles there are, the better the quality of the presented image will be and you will have a more attractive image.

Advantages and disadvantages of virtual sky


At the beginning, it is better to mention that the material of this false ceiling is PVC. If you are not familiar with PVC, we suggest that you refer to the article What is PVC and what are its uses? Visit to learn more about the properties of this material. But here we aim to examine the positive properties of the virtual sky. We said earlier that this element can be adapted to any decoration due to its designability. Also, because it is made of PVC material, it is anti-moisture and anti-fire. Among the spiritual benefits of this element, we can mention creating a beautiful environment in the house and injecting peace into the house and the people in the house.


Read many benefits of this attractive and lovely element. But there is nothing in the world that does not have a fault. The virtual sky is no exception. These profiles have a high price. But if you are one of the people who pay a lot of attention to the beauty of your home or workplace decoration, you know that the beauty and peace that this element gives you is worth spending. Also, another drawback of this element is its difficult installation and implementation. The implementation of the virtual sky is very difficult and time-consuming.

The price of the virtual sky of Ohaddeco

Here at Ohodko Collection, with expertise in designing and implementing various elements in interior decoration, we are ready to provide our services in the best way for you, our customers. But you may have questions regarding the price of virtual sky. Well, there is no fixed price for these products. As we said, the virtual sky consists of various components such as the roof structure, lighting and special tiles. According to the size of the environment and the design requested by the customer, the amount of use of these materials is different. So, according to these items, an estimated price can be calculated. But we at Ohaddeco are ready to cooperate with you at the best price. To cooperate with us, just visit our contact page.

The progress of the decoration industry

In recent years, people’s needs have always been changing and progressing. Of course, the same procedure will continue in the days and years to come. Expanding needs and changing tastes have even existed in the decoration industry. Specialists in design and implementation of decoration are ready to present new ideas and creative designs every day according to people’s needs. The virtual sky is also one of these creations that has been able to gain high popularity among people. Humans needed silence and peace at home, so acoustic panels were made. People’s taste in home decoration was different, decoration styles were introduced. Many other such needs and responses have existed and been addressed. The virtual sky is also made in response to the need of people to have a natural environment with a realistic ceiling.

You see, we examined the virtual sky. Thank you for joining us in this article. By reading the article, you may have noticed that the virtual sky is more suitable for which people and which places. The essence of nature is to inject a sense of peace and gentleness into humans. By implementing the virtual sky, you can give peace of mind to this group of people. Also, various businesses have the opportunity to use this element. We said that businesses such as restaurants, cafes, game clubs and even small and large stores can use these elements and bring beauty to their work environment. As a specialized producer of interior decoration components, Ohaddeco Collection is ready to help you. You can contact our experts for more information and free consultation.

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