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These wall coverings are made of stone powder and PVC. The appearance of marble sheet wall coverings is very similar to marble.

Decoration, as an integral part of the architecture industry, sees new developments every day. The different interests and tastes of people have caused new and diverse elements to be made in the decoration of different environments. But apart from the tastes, the needs of people and the environmental conditions have caused the diversity in the construction of various decoration components to expand. Marble sheet wall covering is one of these components whose use is booming among its fans. Stone wall covering, synthetic stone and PVC stone are other names of this element. But most people know it as marble sheet. Today and in this article, our goal is to introduce marble sheet wall covering. We also intend to introduce its types and examine their advantages and disadvantages together. So stay with us until the end of the article.

What is marble sheet wall covering?

These wall coverings are made of stone powder and PVC. The appearance of marble sheet wall coverings is very similar to marble. This has also made them very popular among people. Of course, it is not just marble. There is a high variety in the construction of these wall coverings and they can be produced in various designs and colors. But the most popular type is marble. It is interesting to know that the word marble sheet is composed of two English words marble and sheet. These wall coverings are usually 2 thick. 2.5 and 4 mm are produced, which is different depending on the needs of the people of the model used. They are also stuck on the surface of the wall with special adhesives to help beautify the environment.

دیوارپوش ماربل شیت سفید و طلایی - اوحدکو - white and gold marble sheet wall covering - ohaddeco
دیوارپوش ماربل شیت سفید و مشکی - اوحددکو- white and black marble sheet wall covering - ohaddeco

Types of marble sheet wall coverings

These wall coverings are available in three simple, patterned and prominent models. Its simple type has a simple design or it may not have a design or role, but it has a variety of colors. Patterned marble sheet wall covering has different designs that can be natural or artificial. Its embossed type also has embossed patterns on it, which can create a three-dimensional space on the surrounding wall. These wall coverings are widely used due to their high variety, which are mostly used in environments such as bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and reception halls. You may also see marble sheet wall coverings in some office halls. These elements can also be used in the construction of small components of the house, such as washstands.

Advantages of marble sheet wall covering


These wall coverings are not fireproof due to the material used in their construction. As a result, they can be used safely in different environments.

anti humidity

PVC alone is one of the stubborn enemies of moisture. Now, with the addition of another material and the creation of marble sheet wall covering, this feature stands out. These sheets can prevent moisture from damaging the wall or floor and prevent the walls from turning yellow.

Beautiful and natural appearance

Marble has always been one of the most popular stones used in the decoration industry. Because marble sheet wall covering has a nature similar to marble, it can make you feel the presence of these stones in the environment. It also adds a natural look to the environment and can be used in different architectural styles with a variety of designs and colors.

Easy and inexpensive installation

Marble sheet wall covering has a good feature. It is that when two sheets are glued together, a seam is not created between the two sheets. This issue contributes to the beauty of the environment. Also, to install these sheets, you only need to have a special glue and a decoration implementation specialist. The implementation of these wall coverings does not cause much pollution in the environment.

Disadvantages of marble sheet wall covering

Low impact resistance

Unfortunately, these wall coverings do not have high strength against heavy blows. Of course, this does not mean that the marble sheet is destroyed with every impact, but heavy collisions with these sheets cause serious damage to them. So after the implementation of the marble sheet, care should be taken not to damage them. Also, these sheets should not be exposed to sunlight too much.

Easy to get dirty

Due to the nature of marble sheet wall covering, it only takes a dirty finger to get dirty easily. Of course, the cleaning of these sheets is very easy and maybe even it can be cleaned with a dry towel. But care must be taken that environmental pollution does not stick to them.

تلویزیون روی دیوار سفید - اوحدکو - TV on white wall - ohaddeco

The price of marble sheet wall covering

As you know, a fixed price cannot be specified for these wall coverings. The type of wall covering, the desired thickness, the area of ​​the project are among the factors that affect the price of these elements. But if we want to have a general comparison between the prices of different types, it should be said that the simple type is the cheapest type of marble sheet wall covering. The reason for that is the simplicity of production and the absence of problems in the production of designs and the implementation of various motifs on it. After that, there are patterned and then embossed marble sheet wall coverings. Maybe the reason is clear. Creating prominent patterns and designs on the surface of these sheets is more expensive, although the beauty that these wall coverings give to the environment is worth spending.

How to implement marble sheet wall covering

As we said, installing these wall coverings is not difficult. First of all, you should know that you need to use an expert to do this. But in general, the first step is to prepare the surface of the wall. It means to clean the wall from any dust and pollution and keep it smooth. After that, it is necessary to put the special glue on the surface of the wall and let it air for a few seconds. Then, we put the sheets that we cut before on the wall and press it firmly so that it sticks well. In the same way, we stick the other sheets to the wall in such a way that there is no gap between the wall covering sheets. After installing all the marble sheets, we clean their surface with a wet cloth and enjoy having these marble sheet wall coverings.

دیوارپوش سنگ مصنوعی سفید - اوحددکو - white stone wall covering - ohaddeco

You see, we examined the marble sheet wall covering. After introducing this wall covering, we checked the advantages and disadvantages, the price and how to install them. We also said at the beginning of the article that these wall coverings can be used in different styles and for different ages. For example, it doesn’t matter if your bedroom decoration is for a couple or you have a girly decoration. These wall coverings can play a beautiful role in any environment. It is possible that in the decoration industry, you are a fan of wood and elements such as plastic wood, thermowall, plywood, etc. But the use of marble sheet wall covering is seriously recommended. The use of these elements gives a new look to the interior decoration. You can contact Ohaddeco consultants to get free advice and get more information.

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